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I love copper, in all it's forms. I started working with 16 ml sheet copper for my countertops. It. was an enlightening project.
To say the least, I learned a lot.
This might not be a project most people would attack. But when I want something, I jump in, and as well as getting something cool, I learn a little along the way.
My sub-surface of the island was 1" plywood. I sealed the wood with a good water based primer. I let this dry for two days.

My sheet of copper was 8'x4'. I buy my copper from Alaskan Copper in Portland.

I sprayed a high tolerance contact spray glue on both surfaces (the copper and the wood). Let this stand till tacky. With help, we set the copper in the center of the plywood. Making sure when positioning I had a good four inch overhang on all sides.
I laid heavy weights on this surface for two days. I made sure I didn't have any air pockets. I actually rolled it with a large heavy rolling pin from the center out. This helps eliminate bubbles.
After the drying time, I started to pound my edges with a rubber mallet. If you have made a quilt the edges I did here are somewhat like a quilts folded edges.
I tried to make sure I was holding down the surface so I didn't jar and lift the top.
These cool corners are actually made for old steamer trunks. I bought every one I could find.

The rolled under edge is nailed into place with copper headed nails. This keeps sharp edges out of reach.
Copper is a natural antibacterial surface. It works great on cooking surrounds. It patina's as it oxidizes. The color is wonderful, but you can keep it shiny as a new penny with a sealer.
I like my copper naturally oxidized. It's fun to clean. Salt and lemon juice.
Just a few of my copper projects.
Don't be put off with metal surfaces. They are some work, but the look is amazing.

Thanks for visiting. sk
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  • Chris aka monkey Chris aka monkey on Dec 01, 2015
    @SK on Elderberry copper is so gorgeous and you made all of these counters gorgeous, hope you are getting settled into your new home miss you xx

  • Janice Sapp Janice Sapp on Dec 17, 2016
    I have reclaimed a small cabinet/chest that I painted white; this small cabinet will be used in my bathroom and will hold clutter items that are needed at least once if not twice a day. I've already been playing around with craft copper metal sheets which do cover and doesn't wrap around the lip of the top. I was thinking that there must be some kind of copper edging so that I could seal the edges.. If you, dear Reader, understand what the dickens I'm talking about and have a suggestion, please let me know.

    • SK on Elderberry SK on Elderberry on Dec 18, 2016
      I have seen copper "lace" not sure where to purchase it. I would use a beautiful 3D it with copper paint. I use Modern Masters Metal effects paint. Fun stuff. Good luck SK SK on Elderberry