Dining Room Makeover and Wall Statement

by Hinda
4 Materials
3 Days

Dining room is a reflection of the lifestyle and the personality of the homeowner. Creating a unique space that can lead to conversation among guests, whatever it is, artwork, colors and patterns or choice of furniture.

My dining room is not spacious it’s next to the kitchen separated by a breakfast counter. The design of the house is more like an open space so I had to think about a way to separate the spaces without any walls or dividers. Number one problem is the size - statement wall with mirrors is the best way to give the dining room a big space illusion.

number two problem is the open space - how to define the borders between the other spaces? I used wall panels all around the dining room area. That way space is well defined it as a one and common room.

Choice of material and colors - I chosen natural materials, like wood and velvet. Introduced some glam touch with the gold crystal chandelier to brighten the ceiling and a cute chairs colors. I use a different colors of slipcover for the chairs depending of the seasons.

When we bought the house this area were used as a bar corner for the previous family. I turned into a dining room and i had to remove all the cabinets already existing.

After a big judge mess here, i started repairing the wall by patching and painting it to prepare it for my wall statement project.

There is a grid on the floor that i have to take care later.

time for me to go shopping the supplies from Home Depot and Lowe's.

For this wall statement I needed:

  1. 6 frameless mirrors. I measured the wall and ended by buying 4 large mirrors and 2 smaller to cover all the area i wanted to be covered.
  2. Spring loaded mirror mounting clips. For every mirror i used 4 clips.
  3. Drill
  4. stud detector
  5. level
  6. White panels for the lower part of my walls.
  7. Molding for the top and bottom of the panels.
  8. L angle aluminum tile edge trim to make a frame around the mirrors and the panels

you can add some mirror adhesive to secure them even stronger.

the plan is to create a mirrored wall but instead of doing a custom made one which is very costly we decided to replicate the same design using the frameless mirrors. It’s of course more chipper and has the same effect as a special order one.

We measured the distances and the position where we will put the mirrors. We drilled and screwed the clips and started sliding the mirrors one by one until we finished al the six pieces.

we placed the panels all around the dining room area. Using a jigsaw, we cut rectangles for the outlets. Honestly, the panels were great for this project. We nailed the panels against the wall and used the sliding molds that comes with it. When you purchase this kind of panels there is a special molds that go with it they slide into it for a better hold.

We had to trim the panels from the high and the length to fit this part of wall.

The outlets has to be change we will do that in the future heh!!!!

this is how it looks the panels with the mirrors. It dives a bigger space illusion with the reflection of the mirrors and the paneling all around the room makes it looks like one and unified space.

after having the mirrors and the panels installed, I glued an L angled aluminum tile edge trim to make a frame all around the statement wall.

I used 4 panels to cover all my dining room as I have only 2 sids to cover.

I replaced the vertical blinds by a white linen curtains. For a high ceiling look, hang your rod the maximum high, almost touching the ceiling and let your curtains touch down the floor. My walls are 8 feet tall so I used 96 inches tall curtains. Not a bad idea to add a tie backs to it for more elegant look.

i had to replace the light fan by a crystal chandelier to bring more light and set it as a focal point in the room.

a rug in the winter is always a good addition to get the cozy atmosphere.

The dining set was composed. The table is a project I posted on hometalk before and the chairs were purchased from amazon. I do a seasonal styles to my dining room. This one is more for the fall season.

Winter look. Adding a chairs slipcover.

This is for spring and summer.

For more details, Watch the video bellow.

Suggested materials:
  • Frameless mirrors   (Lowe’s)
  • Panels   (Home Depot)
  • Spring loaded mirrors mounting clips   (Lowe’s)
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  • Connie Sherman Connie Sherman on Aug 26, 2021

    Beautiful... DOD you get all the chair covers on Amazon as well

    I love that you change your colors with the seasons

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  • Janice Janice on Aug 07, 2021

    You have certainly transformed that area of your home into a beautiful and functional space! I enjoyed your post!

    • Hinda Hinda on Aug 08, 2021

      Thank you so much I really enjoy it now

  • Connie Sherman Connie Sherman on Aug 26, 2021

    My comment should have read "did" instead of DOD.... sorry