Easy DIY Tuscan Over the Range Microwave Hood Vent Update

On my quest for an elegant old world/ Tuscan kitchen that won't cost me an arm and a leg I came up with a great idea for putting a Tuscan touch on (among other things) the microwave.
When we first bought our house we bought all new stainless appliances. I picked out a stainless above the oven microwave that had a black hood vent. The microwaves with stainless hood vents were about $50 more and I couldn't justify spending the extra money just for that one tiny thing.
I LOVED our new appliances but the more I looked at that microwave, the more I just didn't like the black hood vent. There was something about it that looked just a little bit off to my eye. It was like a black hole sucking my focal point right to its plastic cheapness .I am in love with the custom hoods that old world kitchens have. Of course we're not removing our over the range microwave any time soon so I figured out an idea to get the best of both worlds.I thought I could slap some super thin wood (wood veneer) up on the hood vent and then put an applique in the middle to create the Tuscan look I wanted.
I found wood veneer at Menard's for $20 and a wood applique that I liked at Home Depot for $4. There was a picture of people using spray adhesive on the box and I already had spray adhesive so I was pretty excited about that. There was also a picture of a guy using a roller tool to smooth out the glue. I didn't have a roller tool so I figured I would use my rolling pin located in close range in the cabinet above the microwave.

I gathered up my supplies:

wood veneer

spray glue



tape measure


rolling pin

all the painting supplies to match my cabinets
First I measured out the hood vent.
I marked the veneer with the measurements and then I cut out the wood veneer with scissors. Yes, that's right, scissors. This product is so thin the scissors cut through it like butter. No power tools necessary for this project!!
After I cut the veneer I laid out some paper towels to prevent glue from getting all over and sprayed down the back side of the veneer with an even coat of glue.
Then I gently lined up the veneer and pushed it onto the microwave hood vent. After I smoothed it out as best I could I grabbed my rolling pin and rolled away to get any remaining air bubbles out. I of course used two hands but I couldn't very well take the picture with no hands.
Immediately after the veneer was up I measured to the middle of the hood and marked it for the wood applique.
Then I sprayed the back of the applique with glue and pressed it onto my marked area. I also put veneer up on the sides to make it look more like a wood hood vent rather than just a facing.
After that was all up I painted two coats of white on the hood, glazed then clear coated to finish the look. Here's some pics of the finished product.
I'm completely in love with the custom new old world Tuscan look the microwave hood vent now gives my kitchen! To see a complete tutorial and more pictures check out my blog :)
Thrifty Artsy Girl
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  • ChiCub54 ChiCub54 on Oct 17, 2019

    If that is really a exhaust vent you covered with wood veneer it renders its intended function useless for venting.

  • Debbie Rose Debbie Rose on Jun 06, 2020

    I have studied the pics you provided and for the life of me I cannot figure out where the veneer is on the sides. Where are they?

  • Judi Judi on Jan 20, 2022

    Love the makeover! What color glaze did you use? I adore the effect!

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