Kitchen Chalkboard, So Easy

Karyn Workman
by Karyn Workman
I've been seeing all the chalkboards and wanted to do this in my new home. All moulding cuts were done for free at Home Depot. I know Lowes does this too.
I used a laser level to make sure my lines were straight (bought Amazon @ $14) Something I forgot, mark where your studs are located! Makes putting frame up easier. Bought the paint at Home Depot too. Regular chalkboard paint and PRIMER. My walls are not flat but this still works well.
I used rosettes at the corners of my moulding, cuts were all made at Home Depot for free and it was so much easier to put together. I fastened to wall using construction adhesive and penny nails to hold.
I ordered on EBay the peel off sticker wording. Most will do custom lettering but I found this gal was so nice to work with (livelylettering is the seller on Ebay) the cost for that @ $12. Take your time on transferring the letters. I got anxious and ended have a few spots not stick but I pulled paper back slow enough I caught it. Now I have my kids summer chore lists written on it. (Chalk from the dollar store)
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