A Little Ikea Table Gets a Big Makeover - CES Stephanie's Lace Allover

Stacy Davis
by Stacy Davis
I was so excited when Hometalk gave me the opportunity to select a Cutting Edge Stencil for this Shareathon. I have been drooling over projects featuring these stencils for years. As it always is, it is hard to pick just one. Here is a link to the stencil that I chose. http://www.cuttingedgestencils.com/lace-stencil-wall-decor-stencils.html It is the STEPHANIE'S LACE ALLOVER STENCIL. I loved working with their stencil. This is the first time that I have stenciled furniture and having a heavy weight stencil makes the process MUCH easier. The design that I selected is a very intricate detailed design and a quality stencil is a must. I don't know if every order gets a freebie; but I did, two small butterfly silhouettes. Don't be surprised if I post some butterflies in the near future.
Lucky me or her, as the case may be, my daughter was in need of a bedroom makeover. Since we recently moved in, all of our bedrooms are very generic and not decorated at all. In fact with the exception of the dining/craft room, my house is not decorated at all. Please don't judge me, I am slowly making progress. :) So back to my daughter's room makeover, she has a very creative personality and needs a room that reflects her artistic side. I am also hoping that a pretty stylish room will be motivation to keeping it picked up... I am doing several projects showcasing this stencil. This tutorial is my first. There is also a pegboard that you see in the background and that tutorial is coming next.
IKEA's HEMNES Bedside table in white
I have this little Ikea table (that they no longer make. ☹) It has served many rooms in my house and many purposes and it still looked great. Then we loaded it in a moving trailer that went from Florida to Virginia and it came out looking very beat up and scratched. The top had been gouged in many places. I really thought it would be impossible to repair but not so. With a little wood putty and semi gloss paint, it was good as new and ready for my project.
X marks the spot.
It varies in each project, but most often with stencils, my personal preference is to begin in the middle. I seldom measure but I did in this case. Once you center your stencil and tape it in place, erase this pencil mark. I did not and that light pencil mark still showed through several layers of paint.
Stencil #1 - Almost covered the whole table
My first stencil almost covered the entire table and really felt like I would be done in no time. The paint color is DecoArt Americana Decor Chalky Finish 4oz Refreshing. I used a 40 % off coupon at Hobby Lobby and it was about $5. The base coat is Valspar Semi Gloss White 44972. I had a small can in the garage from a previous project. It isn't an exact match to Ikea's white but it is really close.
Stencil Placement #2
I moved around the table, letting the paint dry in between placing the stencil down in a new area. I also found it handy to have a barstool to help hold up the portion of the stencil that would overhang the table.
I made sure the area was very dry before placing the stencil in a new spot.
Just 4 corners left, what could go wrong?
I was pleasantly surprised that when I would remove the blue painter's tape that it never removed the stenciled paint beneath.
When I got to this point, I put too much paint in my tray and I knew it was gloppy on my roller but I applied it anyway. When I took the stencil away, it was a gloppy mess. My advice is take your time. It is easier to have not enough paint on the roller than to have too much paint on the roller. I was able to salvage it pretty well just using some wet Q tips to remove the excess paint and recreate the white lines.
All done... Also, stay tuned for my daughter's full room reveal. Hope she likes it! I am letting it dry just a bit longer before I put on the glass topper and stylize it.
Here are the two paints that I used for this project. The pegboard uses two similar colors to these but not these colors.
I think it will make a stylish bedside table and the glass topper will protect the table top from spills and other mishaps.
Just a note... the background with the green wall is my breakfast room. I haven't begun moving pieces into her room just yet. Her walls are a gray taupe called Valspar Homestead Resort Parlor Taupe. A nice neutral backdrop for these colors. I can't wait to bring it all together in her room.
Coming Soon - Privacy Curtain and Pegboard
Here is a picture of how the area below her loft bed is coming together. It is part dressing room and part study area. She loves having the extra privacy and closing herself into this space. The pegboard should be great for organizing all her must have items. I am hoping to keep them off the desk top and onto the pegboard. Somewhere in our moving boxes are two more black baskets that will go on the pegboard. Stay Tuned to see how it all turns out. As you can probably tell, I used the Stephanie's Lace Allover stencil on the pegboard and also the privacy curtain.
I am enjoying finding items around the house to stage the table. Now it is time to work on the crate shelf!

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  • Mary DeRose Petrino Mary DeRose Petrino on Jan 05, 2018
    I love it! What if you didn’t buy glass? Is there another way to protect finish?

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