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Hi! Liz here from the DIY decorating blog Simple Decorating Tips. I also own a shop Frame and Frills to help people redo their furniture. Here is a table I redid to show a few techniques.

I found this vintage table on marketplace and it looked the perfect candidate to transform into a Boho style table.

All the products I used in this table re-do are available in my shop Frame and Frills, you can shop in person, or online. You can find specific shopping links at the end of this post for each product. If you want more details on how to do this look to your own piece, please reach out, I’d love to help you with your DIY!

I’d love to take total credit for this Boho style table design, but I was greatly inspired by a picture of one I saw online by a different furniture artist, Venetia Baker, that did a very similar look!

The table I found had lovely details, but was just brown…

After I cleaned it with our TSP Alternative, I did scrub it with our Odorless Solvent because it felt so smooth I was concerned of old furniture wax residue, (wax acts as a resist and paint won’t properly adhere to it) then I re-washed with TSP Alternative, scuff sanded I started the layered treatment.

Starting with the bold Fusion Mineral Paint color Azure for the top.

The legs of the table were painted in Liberty Blue, a brighter blue color.

After 2 coats of the Azure on the top, I added a stencil in our metallic Bronze color.

The key to not having paint leach under the stencil is to off-load the paint from the stencil brush.

I also added Bronze paint around the edge of the top.

To age the very clear and bright colored top, I sponged a wash made from 50/50 water and Chocolate FMP.

Working on a very small section at a time, I sponged on and then dabbed off with a paper towel rag.

This color wash dries very quickly.

The legs and feet needed a little Bronze too… I dry brushed the carved detail and painted the little ‘hoof’ feet Bronze.

Now the fun!

Transfers! This is a very large 6 piece transfer I stock in the shop. For this table, I’m only going to use a small part of it. I redid a large buffet a few months ago in black and white and used most of this transfer on it… even on that large project though, I still had bits and pieces left for a few other smaller projects. I love how much you get in a single package of transfers!

You can see the parts I snipped out for my Boho style table project… still lots left, right?!

Notice the blue painters tape on the edges of the transfer pieces? That’s not there to hold the transfers in place on the table. The tape is carefully holding the waxed paper backing on the back of the transfer. When I cut out transfer pieces like this, especially smaller pieces, the protective waxed paper falls off easily. If that transfer sticks to something… it is stuck. Trust me, I’ve found this out the hard way! Now I add the little pieces of tape to hold it all together until it’s time to stick it down!

Piece, by piece I apply each transfer on the Boho style table top, layering the transfers just how I want them.

To avoid a shadow line when joining a large transfer like this leaf, I’ve learned to carefully cut each side of the transfer where they are connecting… cutting that slight printed shadow line off.

After a couple coats of our Tough Coat, a water based finish, (water based finish is recommended by the transfer company) the Boho table is done.

This Boho style table is a fun, bold look!

The details on the table make it perfect for a bold style like this too.

I was going to add to this post that this table is now available for sale in the shop, but it already sold!

If you’d like to create something lovely with these same products, here are the links for each from my shop:

  • TPS Alternative
  • Odorless Solvent
  • Fusion Mineral Paint Azure
  • Fusion Mineral Paint Liberty Blue
  • Fusion Mineral Paint Bronze Metallic
  • Fusion Mineral Paint Chocolate
  • ReDesign Vintage Botanical rub-on transfers
  • Tough Coat, matte finish

You can also find me at my shop, Frame and Frills, stocked with amazing DIY products like Fusion Mineral Paint, Stencils, decoupage papers, ReDesign Transfers and several pieces of re-done furniture in the shop. You can shop in person or online.

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  • Odorless Solvent   (
  • Fusion Mineral Paint Azure   (
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