Buffet Piece, Becoming a Kitchen Island-in Progress :)

Happy Tuesday y'all! I havent posted much other than some comments. I have been doctoring a kitty (two to three times a day! And he is doing well now, he is healed up!)
So I have been looking for a piece for my kitchen. I SERIOUSLY lack counter space lol. I spied this buffet at a local place...well, it's in Iowa. lol. I looked at it, and knew it was the piece I had been looking for to re- purpose for myself to use.
Nice details, but was in rough shape.
The drawers needed filled in a few places, and there was a place in the top that also needed attention.
Drawers were removed for repair. Oh, I see my "helper" is hard at work. LOL. That's Gemma. (she's usually lazing about., go figure.) The handles are actually Bakelite, but one is really in bad shape. I WILL save them, but am going to replace them. Probably with something a bit sturdier.
...just to see how the color works.
A good cleaning, cobwebs removed (and who-knows-what-kind-of-gunk) and she's ready for a base coat of AS Duck Egg. I chose that for the base coat, as it is a nice complement to colors I have in my kitchen and living room, and it will be lightly distressed so I wanted this color to show a bit.
This is an ongoing project, and will update it as it progresses. The base coat is on, and am starting the top coat tomorrow. :)
...I hadnt posted the " after photos, ..so here they are. The middle piece, I wanted to have it look different from the other finish on it, so its Duck Egg Blue. dry brushed and distressed a little.I did the stencil in the middle to add some interest to the plain front.
...up close look at the door fronts. Sanding is your friend, and gives you the finish you desire....I dont skip sanding. lol. I purchased the hardware at Hobby Lobby, ( on sale ) and then dry brushed it to ' soften it' a bit, and sealed it.
..This is one of the drawers , with the base coat of AS Duck Egg Blue....which is already sanded, wiped with a tack cloth...and ready for the two coats of the Behr satin finish.
..One final photo of the inset on the buffet turned Kitchen Island...I loved this detail of the center oval on it, it was one of he reasons I bought the piece. I am putting beadboard on the back of the piece, which is now the " front', since it faces out into the kitchen...and still searching for the " right top ' to come along.. also putting wrought iron brackets on it to extend the top of i( a slight overhang, on the ' now-front of it'... ) when I find the " something' I wish to have for the top . :) .I'm using it in the meantime, but cant wait to actually 'finish it up "...!
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  • Gail Salminen Gail Salminen on Mar 25, 2015
    @Shelby @ The Weathered Barn Studio very interesting project. I can see the improvements you have made already. Love the painting you have done. I am looking forward to seeing your progress as well as the finished product. Thanks for posting.

    • @Gail Salminen ...Thanks so much, Gail ! Its been sitting, waiting for me to get to it, so to speak. :) I SO appreciate your kind words, and will update when its finished :) !

  • Hannah V Hannah V on Mar 25, 2015
    Looks like a great project! Can't wait to see more. Also, so glad your kitty's doing better! I have two myself :)

    • @Hannah V ...Thank you , Miss Hannah V.. ! I am working on it ( off and on ) today, got the interior of the doors painted, and when dry, will do the outsides. :) I bet your kitties are adorable ... ; the one I was doctoring is a ' kitty that adopted me'...lol...he isnt feral, but is a stray...they find me ! lol. He had a big boo boo on the inside and outside of his ear....it was BAD. getting abcessed, so I used Betadine to flush it, then used poultices on it ...that was the time consuming part ...and feeding chix stock, with Omega 3's , Echinachea and baby aspirin ( on his food) ...He's all healed up . :) In case you arent aware, your furries ( kitties) need those Omega 3's, it helps keep them healthy. :) Yes, it comes in certain types of cat food , but giving them the real stuff once a week makes a difference :)