DIY China Hutch Make-over - Part IV FINAL

Linda Crandall
by Linda Crandall
4 Months
Good morning everyone! I am sitting here at 6:00 with a great cup of coffee ready to write thefinal post of our DIY China Hutch Make-over. For those of you who missed the last two parts of the hutch story, Iwill put the links here for Part I and Part II so you can catch up.

Completing this DIY China Hutch Make-over was achallenge. I started out picking up thiscute little, worn out hutch that needed a good updating; it had broken pieces,was full of 1970’s faux plastic pieces they passed off as wood trim and justlooked yucky!

When we started the DIY China Hutch Make-over, I was initiallyjust going to paint it and say ta-da! But, for some reason, that was not sitting well with me. I just could not get settle with the brokentrim, and ugly faux wood, so I ripped it apart and gave it a good recycle thattoday’s generation could love.

In part I, we showed you how we cut off the old trim andre-styled the top of the China Hutch using our Ryobi Tools to provide a freshlook that fits today’s style. (See part I Here).

Part II showed you the bottom of the DIY China hutchMake-Over, which actually detaches from the top. This was no small undertaking because, as youknow from my posts, I reserve the right to change my design mind at any giventime… and well that’s just what happened on the bottom. (Click here to read part II). Initially I was thinking to build three cabinetdoors, including one to replace the center faux wood section that did notopen. I worked hard on trimming thebottom to match the new top trims and thought – wow I am almost done. This was a snap! – WRONG - After building thetwo side doors, the middle door just didn’t work. It was like a sore thumb, and I HATEDit…pushing me to reach down into my design bag and draw up yet another design,leading to Part III.

In Part III of the post, the final design was born as weshowed you how we how I changed my mind from using three doors to two doors,and a custom built wine rack for thecenter where the third door would have lived. The DIY China Hutch Make-Over design turned out excellent and I love theway you can now hold 12 awesome bottles of wine. (Click here to read Part III).

Now, after much ado, we bring you the final post of our DIYChina Hutch Make-over. We put out a callto our readers to choose the paint color. After calculating the vote we came up with a pale green and old whitecombination (we wanted a little contrast for the piece – so we choose two ofthe most popular voted colors by our readers on Facebook and Hometalk – thankyou all for your help).

Looking to continue the theme for the DIY China HutchMake-Over I set out to find a new paint color I stumbled on to Old TownPaints. I was impressed with their 54 colorselection, and how close I could get to your color choices. I contacted Old Town Paints to ship my colors therewere no retailers in close by St Louis Missouri that carry this wonderfulpaint. (Here that shops – distributorsneeded for great paint and your shop could be the great home of Old Town Paint– You’re welcome!)

Sasha, the owner of Old Town Paints was kind enough to shipus out Soft Moss, Cottage White, Antiquing Glaze, and a Clear MattedFinish. Being a creature of habit, I wasnervous to try something new, but did it anyway and was so glad I gave Old TownPaint a try. This fab little companywas started by Sasha Gareau (consignment store owner) and here fiancé BobbyBouck (his family has been in the paint business for over 50 years!) Starting her consignment store, Sasha used acompeting paint for her painted furniture, but did not like the expense of thepaint. So what’s a girl to do? Sasha created her own paint line – Old TownPaint.

Old Town Paint is a Chalk Paint Style Finish made here inthe USA. According to Sasha, she andBobby sat down with a chemist, and after months of trial and error, the chemisthelped them create a non-toxic paint, that had a chalk paint style finish,which launched Old Town paint in April of 2013, and the movement of their painthas been growing ever since – want to try it? You can order by click here.

Being a research nut (from my old instructional designwriting days), I took to the internet to find pieces painted with Old TownPaint. I featured several of them on myFacebook to see your reaction – you loved them! Since all those I spoke to whoused the paint also loved them, I took the plunge and used Old Town Paint onthis project. I have to say - it waseasy to use. The paint is very silky andadhered in one coat and accepted the matching finishes like it was butter onbread. All things that spoke to me forthis project because like Sasha and Bobby creating their paint took time, sodid the re-building of this china hutch – so what better product to debut thepiece to our readers than Old Town Paint, right? Two master pieces that have come together - Ican hear the two singing in harmony from here, can you? ;-).

I enjoyed this paint that comes in 54 lovely colors becauseit can also be used as a color wash, regular smooth paint, orcan be applied thick to create texture (which will be great when I show youanother product I discovered this week in a later post). But one of the best bonuses... no need toprime or prepare prior to painting! Itwas a dream come true – which makes me scream out – why don’t more paint shopsin St Louis carry this jewel of a paint? Want to read more on this paint stopby their site at I was glad I tried this paint. Very impressed and I will order it for afuture project I blog.

Just look at the silky photos of the rebirth of this DIYChina Hutch Make-over. I could not bemore proud of the piece you all helped me build. So What do you think of the finished chinahutch make-over that has been the longest, on-going project for Hello I LiveHere in our history of an existing blog? Sorry again it took so long, the nasty cold winter (Mother Nature – youknow who you are) stopped us in our tracks this year. I can tell you I have lived in St Louis forover 14 years and this is by far the WORST winter I have ever had (I threatenedto move West every single day – hubby started to take me serous – a girl candream about beach living again can’t she? ;-)

Well, I just want to say thank you to all of you who followour blog. I love writing and sharing myzany projects that are often shown on Bob Vila Nation, Ryobi Nation, andHometalk + others. Also, thank you forhanging in there with us as we fought the ugly weather to bring you our finalpost on our DIY China Hutch Make-over.

Happy sunny Thursday and many warmer days for us all (justnot to warm Missouri or I will have to look into that move west) J

Finished DIY China Hutch Make Over Completed by Hello I Live Here.
Inside Finished DIY China Hutch Make Over Completed by Hello I Live Here
Top - What it looked like before I changed this old 1970's Hutch's life.
Bottom - What it looked like before I changed this old 1970's Hutch's life.
Building a wine rack that holds 12 bottles
Using Ryobi tools to complete my doors on the hutch build.
Using Old Town Paints to Complete the paint process.
Using Old Town Paints antiquing and Clear finish to Complete the paint process
Using Old Town Paint products.
The finished hutch after painting process and rebuilding.
The beautiful new hutch from the old relic - read all 4 posts on our blog or here on Hometalk.
The finished hutch
More of the finished process.
Linda Crandall
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