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This is one of those projects that you build for immediate need in the house. The design is purely based on the functionality and easy use. We needed a door hang towel drying rack to replace the free standing drying rack to clear up floor space and not to be an eye sore in the room. Hiding them behind the door seemed to be the best option for us. So, here is the build with all the details you need to build your own.

I made this rack with a couple of pine wood 1x3s, 3/4″ dia aluminum rods (these are spindles used for staircase) and a set of hanging hardware.

I have got a video below with step by step details and to get the free plan and cut list visit here.


It has two layer design with two rods on each tier and they are spaced alternately to avoid overlap when you hang the clothes. Best part is that it can be hung on the door without the need to drill any holes or make any alterations. Its something important when you live in rental homes.


  1. Cut all the wood pieces as per the cut list diagram. click here for 3d view and all dimensions.

2. Make pocket holes on both ends of the 8″ pieces, 25.25″ long pieces and one end of 5 inch pieces.

3. The other end of the 5 inch pieces are routed to seat ‘over the door hanging hardware’ in flush level. Or you can skip this step if you don’t mind a little undulation.

4. The side arms of the two tiers are tapered in design. You can cut this with a tapering jig on table saw. But I do not have a tapering jig. So, I decided to cut them with my  circular saw and a DIY cross cut jig. I taped two identical pieces together and set the angle with scrap wood and shim(refer below image). Then, cut the long taper cut on both set of arms. To cut the shorter tapers I used my miter saw.

5. Next, we have to make circular slots on the four arm pieces where the rods would go. Mark them and drill with a 3/4″ forstner bit.


I like the wood grains on pine. So, I decided to do a white wash on the wood to go along with the white painted doors. To do this, you have to mix water and white paint in 1:1 ratio. This ratio can also be adjusted according the effect you need. Basically, the paint should be watery when you apply it over the wood. More the water, lighter the color on the wood. Apply watered down paint on the wood and then quickly wipe it off with a clean rag before the paint dries. This will reveal the wood grains on the wood. If you feel the white is on lighter side, then apply one more coat. I did only one coat on the pine and I loved it.

Once paint is dry, I sealed it with clear wax. This is great on such white wash finish projects as it won’t yellow in time like other sealers. Just apply with a good brush and wipe off the excess.


Finally, assemble all the pieces together.

Suggested materials:
  • 1×3 pine wood – 6ft length – 2 nos
  • Round aluminum spindles – 26″ length – 4 nos
  • Door hang hardware – 2 nos
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Preethi | The Nomad Studio
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  • Shelly Moore Shelly Moore on Sep 02, 2021

    Love this! Very Clever! Looks modern, neat and clean! Would fit in Many styles too! I was also going to suggest a place to hang things on little hooks. I NEED one of these!!! Lol!

  • Efm22465387 Efm22465387 on May 26, 2022

    not really good for the door hinges. the weight will start to pull the top hinge loose.

    • Hi.. I understand your concern. I had that thought too before making it. But the rack itself is lightweight with pine wood and the rods are aluminum. So, it does not weigh much even after loading it with thick towels & clothes.