Faux Wine Barrel Wine Rack

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2 Hours
I found an old oak table top at a thrift store for $10! I still haven't used the top but I did use the "skirt" to make a unique wine rack!
Oak table from underneath minus the skirt.
I removed the skirt by removing the screws that were holding it to the underside of the table. You can see in the picture above where the skirt was originally.
Here is a picture of one half of the skirt. The table top was oblong. I would have preferred round to more closely mimic wine barrel staves but I went with the flow. I stained each half of the skirt with some stain I had.
I found a dowel rod that fit into the screw holes used to attach the skirt to the table top. I cut the dowel into 3" lengths. A dab of wood glue in each hole helps to keep the dowels in place. I stained the dowels as well. In retrospect, I should have stained the dowel and then glued them into place.
Here is another picture of the dowels placed into the screw holes. The holes in the other half of the table skirt matched perfectly!
I measured the space between the skirt halves so that a wine glass could hang upside down in the center of the wine rack. I mounted the brackets pictured to the wall and set the wine rack on top.
Here is a picture of the finished product. I couldn't seem to keep enough wine on hand to take a picture with several bottles of wine in the holder and I see from the picture that my wine rack wasn't completely centered but I'm glad that I recycled something that some people would have tossed. I just kept thinking to myself "where am I going to find oak bent into a beautiful curve like this again?" I've been asked about the table made from the antique sewing machine legs. I didn't make it but I sure wish I had!
Suggested materials:
  • Table skirt from oak table top "free" (I bought the table top for $10)   (neighborhood thrift store)
  • Wood stain "free"   (my stash)
  • Wooden dowel rod $2   (Hobby Lobby)
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