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My friend bought this poor, old tired looking cabinet from me and asked me to transform it into a piece, fit for the PRINCESS...aka, her THREE YEAR OLD DAUGHTER. Using the Furniture paint products we carry in the shoppe...Rethunk Junk by Laura, we got started. And, so the story begins......
Isn't she lovely???
This sorry looking, old white cabinet somehow made its way to Rejuvenation Station. When my friend purchased it, she told me the color palette she wanted, I selected Sandstone and Linen by Rethunk Junk by Laura. (I'll do another post at another time on this INCREDIBLE line or FURNITURE paint and products). Anyway, the cabinet first needed to be cleaned with "THE PREP," another product by RTJ. After that dried just a few minutes, I painted the inside, cabinet box and door trim with 2 coats of LINEN (the lighter color of the two). Then, I painted the cabinet front and the door panel inserts with SANDSTONE. I drybrushed the old, silver, 60's hinges with first Sandstone, then Linen and did the same to the handles my friend purchased. The hardware looks like it has ALWAYS been on this cabinet and looks incredible. Wouldn't you agree? icon icon icon . And, since RTJ is true Furniture Paint, no sealer or sanding between coats was needed. You can, however, use Tuff Top on surfaces that will get a lot of daily use.
After I finished the piece(s)...yes, the matching nightstand will be showcased in the next post.....we loaded them up (we, meaning my loving, patient, kind husband, Danny) and off we went. The piece(s) were set in the room and they could not be more perfect.icon
Birthday Girl
The precious Birthday Girl (she turned 3 the next day), is so proud of her "big girl bedroom." She loves it.icon
And, this is part of the reason we do what we do. The smile on a client's face ( or in this case, a child's precious, little face), makes it all worth the time, effort, sweat and sometimes, tears......and love that we put into each and every piece.icon icon icon
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  • Rethunk Junk by Laura   (Rejuvenation Station)
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  • B. Enne B. Enne on Jul 26, 2017
    This looks great! Is the armoire set in the wall?

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