Forgotten Chair to Outstanding in the Sunroom

Ann M
by Ann M
I was cleaning out things in the basement for a church sale and came across this chair that frankly, I had forgotten was even down there.
I was always interested in the chalk painting upholstery concept so I made a trip to my local Annie Sloan chalk paint dealer.
Just sitting in the basement collecting dust
I gave the chair a good vacuuming first and wiped her down with a white cloth to make sure she was dust free. I

taped off the legs as they matched my other furniture legs in the sunroom. Followed the directions of spraying down the chair with water first and dove right in. I chose Antibes green and English yellow ( a qt each). After much playing around to get the right color, I basically ended up with mixing both cans together. Still not satisfied with the color I purchased 2 small pots of the graphite as I needed black for another project anyways. I ended up adding BOTH these pints to my already 2 qts of mixed paint but I was happy with the color finally!!

I have no pictures of the application as I didn't want to get my phone full of paint but it went on very well and very fast. I waited till the next day to check on it and there were definitely some areas that needed a second coat. Before applying though I lightly sanded with 400 sand paper followed by a tack cloth to remove the dust.
Used rubbing alcohol to correct dried paint.
For some reason I forgot to wipe off the tacks after applying my second coat so I was left with clean up. Before that I decided the chair was just too plain so I purchased a small pot of Louis blue to do the trim. I used frog tape to tape off the chair from the trim. I only needed I coat. Now I was faced with removing all the dried paint from the tacks! Using rubbing alcohol and qtips it actually came off easier than I thought! Once dry, I gave everything a light sanding and this time thoroughly vacuumed the chair before bringing it up to the sunroom.
Close up of trim with cleaned up tacks!!
Annie Sloan suggests waxing even her upholstered furniture UNLESS it will be in the sun. This sunroom gets very warm so I chose not to use the wax. The sanding made the chair soft though. Feels to me like a hard leather or a soft canvas.
In all her glory!
Here she is, outstanding in the sunroom! I probably have 1 qt of mixed paint remaining but for me, it will get used on another project! I'm happy with the way the chair turned out. It was a surprise to find it in the basement to begin with!!
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