From Kitchen Shelf to Children Desk

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20 Minutes

I'll just say it: the shelf above the fridge is pointless. Who can even reach up there unless you're 7ft tall?! After living in our new house for about 3 months I decided on a whim (like most things if we are being honest) to take this shelf off the wall. What would I do with it? I really didnt know at the time, but spontaneity spurs creativity. After dislodging the white cabinet from above its former home I came up with the idea to transform this into something that would actually be useful: a kids desk.

So here we go!


Here it is! The shelf in all its former glory. To upcycle this pretty lil number here are the materials I used:

·Screw in legs (4)


First I tipped the shelf on its side and turned the bottom to face me. Using one of the legs, I held it against the shelf to gauge placement and pressed to create a mark. I repeated this step for all remaining 3 legs.

Then I used my drill and created holes in the spots marked. Make sure to use a drill bit size slightly smallwr than the size of the screws in the legs. This will help keep them nice n tight rather than loose.

After drilling each hole, I screwed in the legs. I made these myself and had them from another project, but you can find a variety of legs for tables online!

This has been the perfect upcycle project for our playroom! It's a great height for the kids and keeps the mess concealed!

Suggested materials:
  • Table legs   (Online)
  • Drill   (Home Depot)
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  • Marcam1977 Marcam1977 on Aug 06, 2022

    I don't think those cabinets are useless. Not at all! To me, I use them as extra storage for lots of my "seasonal items" like dishes, glasses, some decor and even a larger coffeepot I use when I entertain throughout the year. Also, you can store extra canned goods there as well. So what if you have to go up on a ladder a couple of times to bring some of the items down. This "extra storage" in my opinion is great. And I'm 63, so no complaining! LOL. In addition, you can easily purchase (quite inexpensively!) wood or wood pieces at supply stores to make a child's desk. So no, I do NOT agree that the cabinets above the refrigerator are wasted space! The are additional space and work well for me and so many others I know. What do you think?

    • Thanks for sharing your ideas for storage! We are renovating our kitchen and not using these cabinets anyways, so for me it was an upcycle opportunity :)

  • Kat34537886 Kat34537886 on Aug 09, 2022

    This reminded me of something funny. I had bought a shelf without doors & was using it beside my stove. I slid my trash can underneath & used the top for holding things while I was cooking. I sold my house & was going to use it to hold my TV before getting in my new place. When I moved in with my mom my brother was going to help setup my TV. As he started sitting down on the cabinet, he was asking if he could sit on it. He found out he couldn't because he busted it (no, he wasn't a little guy). He has since gone on a diet. Ever time I look at that cabinet I giggle.