Make An Outdoor Buffet From An Old Door

Beth Elliott
by Beth Elliott
I had repurposed this old door in hopes of a table one day... It sat in my garage for 2 years! Then another idea!!
So I painted it adding 2 coats of white flat paint...
Added some stain and rubbed a bit harder over the existing vinyl Family decal to expose it.
Enhanced the existing border to show the edge detailing...
Extra stain over the wood embellishment over the knob hole...
Had 4x4's cut to length 76" back 38" front. Loved that they were a bit rustic!
4 coats of stain with Polyurethane each...
Loving the rough cut!
Started building the frame! Adding more coats of stain/polyurethane. They are held together with 4" bolts.
Attached the door to the back of it and slats on the bottom shelf. The width of the buffet is based off of the door itself. Approx. 73"
The top is made with 2x6's with several coats of stain/polyurethane on them and attached with screws.
Added wrought iron to both sides in front attached to top and door with a plant hanger on left upper side...
Letter details...
Finished project! Added outdoor solar lights to back top of 4x4's.... It's huge and I'm very proud of it!!!
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  • Ronesa Ronesa on Feb 24, 2022

    Will it endure the elements with the polyurethane or does it need to be brought inside.

  • Teri Teri on Apr 26, 2022

    I love it!!! It has many uses great job. How many orders have you received. It is rustic and the addition of the solar lights was a smart idea. What did it cost you and how long was the process? If used as a pottery bench you could make a hole at one end of the counter top for trash with a trash can beneath the hole. You truly have created something everyone could use.

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  • Linda Abate Linda Abate on Aug 06, 2021

    Such a great use of an old door. This is a beautiful piece of furniture you have created. I can also see this being used in a dining room as a sideboard/buffet table. Also, a great idea of using it in a she-shed as a potting/plant table or on the porch to display some favorite plants and to have a nice reading lamp and comfy chair next to it for relaxing with a good book. Fantastic job done on this project. Beautiful no matter where you choose to use it or how.

  • LT LT on Jul 27, 2022

    Awesome project and it gave me a good idea for my garden shed. I have an old table, a headboard, square sink, and a couple of pallets. They would make an excellent planting table complete with water. Thank you for sharing.