Goin' Retro Cabinet Update!

by Shelley
7 Materials
3 Hours
I took a very dull looking brown cabinet to transform it into 1950's magic. I started with a prefab cabinet from the Christmas Tree Store. I painted the inside white and pink (with left over paint). I took several 1950's Hollywood pictures online, printed them and then used polyurethane to apply them to the cabinets and then coated them on top with it too. I took some regular shelving paper that I already had in stock to line the 2 bottom drawers. I ordered crystal looking plastic handles from Amazon (at $10 for a box of 8). I replaced lower drawer knobs with crystal looking pulls. They were loose, so I applied a door pad that I received with the cabinet and padded the screw on the inside of the drawer to make the crystal pulls hold tighter.
I placed a stencil ($6 from Michaels) on the inner door panel and added another star pick (Elvis!!) on the other panel (free). I used black spray paint (already had at home) on the stencil to give it a dirty, shadowy looking finish (just like 1950's Hollywood stars). I purchased 6 white plastic baskets for the shelves at Walmart ($5 for 2 sets of 3 each). I lucked out and found the bottom mirrored vanity cosmetic tray (for $3) at Goodwill but have seen similar at the HomeGoods stores.
Stenciled pink then decided to add black on door panels
Used pink drawer liner the I had and added a crystal pull with a regular screw driver.
Added white baskets to shelves and drawers with vanity cosmetic holder on bottom shelf.
Suggested materials:
  • 5 baskets ($5)   (Walmart)
  • Stencil ($6)   (Michael's)
  • Crystal inspired pulls ($10)   (Amazon)
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