How to Build a Solid Herringbone Table

Karl Young
by Karl Young
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In this video I will go through the processes I used to make a solid herringbone dining table out of Marri wood. I will talk about my plans to make a herringbone table top out of recycled wood right through to how to use danish oil on recycled wood. Please feel free to leave any comments and questions below.
STEP 1.       Decide what size table and measure up timber (scale drawing helps for this)

STEP 2.       Rough cut timber to size and  dress timber, joint 2 edges, rip to width and then thickness
STEP 3.       Lay timber out till nice grain match/colours have been achieves.
STEP 4.  Make sure you have the center line so its between the 2 intersecting points not on one point
STEP 5.       Cut ends of timber (this can be done once glued up but easier now)
STEP 6.       Mark domino/biscuit positions, make sure they aren’t placed where you will be cutting the ends to size.
STEP 7.       Glue up in stages, helps if you screw the middle piece to the workbench from underneath. Use blocks and tapers to clamp. Make sure the surface is of the kind that the glue can be removed ie form ply/melamine
STEP 8.       Once all stages of glue are complete remove from table.
STEP 9.   Place on gluts and then epoxy fill any defects.
STEP10.   Remove epoxy with belt sander and sand table to required finish. I normally do 80,120,180
STEP 11.   Finish with your choice, easy home finishes are Danish oil, wipe on poly etc. Sand between coats and up to 400 grit or as far as you wish.
STEP 12.   Screw table to the base, I got a custom steel base made, use buttom head screws and ensure that the screw holes are over size to allow for the wood expansion/contraction during seasonal changes.

STEP 13.   Stand back, be proud and enjoy!

Suggested materials:
  • Marri   (Western Australia)
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  • Craig Craig on Jul 02, 2018

    Do you have any plans or dims for this table? Also can you walk through the staining process and poxy step by step?

  • Margje van Giersbergen Margje van Giersbergen on Oct 13, 2020

    Would you use the same width for all these boards or have you experience with different widths too?

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