Blue Jean Bar Stools

Barnyard Rustorations
by Barnyard Rustorations
I needed a set of bar stools for my Mancave and wanted something different that I hadn't seen before. Really had no idea in mind but when I saw these pop up on craigslist something just hit me as to what they could be.
Just your basic run of the mill counter stools with ugly worn vinyl seats and backs and a stained wood finish. Ugly but built well and durable! $10 ea for a set of four. Perfect!
Separated the seats and backs from the chair.
Bought some denim from Walmart and wrapped the seats. No different than wrapping a present, just use staples instead of tape. I left the vinyl on as these will probably be getting spilled on so it makes a good barrier.
For the backs you'll have to forgive me as the picks I took were somehow lost. :( Anyways, I took some of my old jeans and cut them like you would if you were making shorts out of them - but cut the crotch straight across also. Then turned em inside out and hand sewn the top edge. Turn them right side out and slip over the seat backs and pull tight! Sewing the bottom is the hardest part but a loop needle worked rather well. My daughters $100 pair of buckle jeans (above) was a lot easier to sew than my Levi's!
Painted the stools with a satin latex colonial red paint as I wanted a contrasting color for all the old wood in the cave. The backs are just screwed right back where they were with wood screws and finished off with wood plugs.
And there you have it! Different, functional and comfy!
Hope you like this easy do it yourself project!
I even put a cell phone in the back pocket of my daughters jeans as that's where it's always at and put a wallet, pocket knife, receipts, etc in various other pockets just for fun.
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