Kitchen Hutch Make Over

Dunham Design Company
by Dunham Design Company
5 Days
Is it a hutch? A desk? A table with a hutch on top.. Anyway it's ugly what ever it is. What is that weird panel that lifts up on the right? And oh yes rat poop...
All the drawers, cubbies, pull outs, drop down and shelf snake me dizzy.
Time to gut this thing.
More weird trim, they glued and nailed it in place... Yeah you gotta go too...
Never try to hammer off the trim.. Always pry off gently. Hense the clamps..
I have a lot of sanding in my future.
WARNING... Never ever do this. Very dangerous.. With that said. I absolutely hated the center panel on the door. I drilled holes and ran my jig saw around the center edges to remove the inner panel. Yep you guessed it. Looks terrible. Now most normal people would have said oh well! and made a frame, but no.. Not normal hear. My husband did a reverse plung cut on my table saw to remove the undesirable pieces. NOT SAFE. He is skilled and cautious, he also said " don't ever do this"
Done sanding
I painted the base and the hutch a deep rich dark grey. And the top of the table is a mixture of dark walnut and ebony stain.
Looks better without all the extra do-dads
I added a antiqued gold metal panel in the door, changed out the hinges and pulls to match. Last picture before delivery. We had a break in the rain so we had to move quickly.
As you can see the top turned out great. . And it's off to the store to be sold.
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  • Barb Conroy Barb Conroy on Mar 29, 2016
    I love it! I am into black furniture and that looks great. Good work

  • Brenda Neagle Brenda Neagle on Apr 07, 2016
    Oh my goodness! Painted furniture is not a new craze. It has been done for hundreds of years. Most Hoosiers were originally painted anyway. Thank goodness people have different opinions, but when did we forget manners?