2 Curbside Finds Make a Shabby Duo

by Grace
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I have included the company's description of the stencil and the picture of what the entire stencil looks like from their website at the bottom of this post. You can see that my project used only a partial. Thanks for reading this. :)
Believe it or not, all the junk you see on this post are curbside finds: one broken stool which turned out to be an "upcycled" children's chair and a mirror that I rescued from a trash can during college student's moving week.

First, I pulled out all the nails from the stool.

Out came all this padding and then discovered that this once was a child's chair but the back rail was perhaps broken. When I stripped the cover and realized that someone did not throw away this broken chair, it made me more determined to bring this darling chair to life.

I filled the holes with wood putty and dowel rod and sanded it down. I also fixed a spot where it was broken. It's probably not the best repair, but I wanted to do the minimum as this was my procrastination during my concert week, haha...Ha. 😅

I gave a coat of primer and then gave 2 coats of white paint called "simply white" by Benjamin Moore, and I absolutely love it.

I then used the smaller version of French love poem stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils. ***Please note! I used only a quarter of this stencil sheet, just the top left corner. If it doesn't makes sense to you, that's probably what it is.***

I used gray chalk paint that comes in a small craft paint bottle.

Isn't it lovely? I applied a coat of wax and buffed it. Next: the mirror!

I found this resin applique on eBay and glued it. I gave a coat of primer and then used the same white paint, then another random coat of gray chalk paint here and there.

I gave another coat of white paint and then distressed it slightly and waxed it.

I believe that part was supposed to be the bottom, but I decided to keep it as the top.
And then I put them together!

This will stay in our bedroom. I am redoing our humble house literally one corner at a time. I want to paint the wall with the same paint one day: simply white. I just don't like the yellow tone on our wall.

Here it is next to another project of mine: another French love poem stencil project, but bigger version of the same stencil..So I would like to think it ties together.

The top of the dresser right next to my mirror project also has the poem stencil. It was my husband's childhood dresser and I made it into our 25th anniversary to me. He was absolutely thrilled. ❤

This is the entire stencil. They have a big one and a smaller one in the same style, but even then the smaller version was too big for my stool.

This is the company's description of the product.

Again, I am not a blogger. I don't get sponsored for things which I don't mind. I think we should be able to create things and be pleased if it brought beauty in the eye of the beholder and inspired some to create the same beauty if not more. Have an inspiring day everyone!
Suggested materials:
  • French Love Poem   (Cutting Edge stencils)
  • Simply white by Benjamin Moore   (Lowe's)
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  • Melissa V Melissa V on Feb 25, 2017
    Hey Grace!- Beautiful to come across odd items isn't it! I didn't realize the mirror was so much bigger than the chair base. Knowing how heavy the mirror is and how large it is over the chair, I would also recommend hanging the mirror to really show it off, and a pillow/lumbar pillow on the chairette (maybe a throw in a basket sitting next to it). Make it French Cozy 😊!!!

    • See 2 previous
    • Grace Grace on Feb 26, 2017
      Yes, thank you. I agree! :D

  • Jenn Jenn on Feb 27, 2017
    Definitely keeping this idea...they both came out beautiful...and I like the way you set them...very inspiring!

    • Grace Grace on Feb 27, 2017
      Thank you. It means so much. It was only an attempt to keep both of them, and I even felt maybe I was trying too hard, but I am just glad to keep them together. You also made my day today. ❤😄