Paint Oak Cabinets Creamy White

by Shirley
My 80's golden oak cabinets were looking orangey in spots and varnish was wearing. I debated on restaining or painting white; my end result is below. If you are debating you will be shocked at how much brighter your home will be with white cabinets. I used a creamy white rather than stark white. I'm posting because I know how hard it can be to decide! Hope this helps.
There were overhanging cabinets (a small one) between breakfast table and counter shown. We knocked it down because we were working on ceiling anyway and it really opened up the room. I would advise doing that if you have such a cabinet..they store little and block the view of the room. There was a country type decorative rail above the cabinets. We knocked it off and replaced with crown molding at top of cabinets. It took the room from 80's to updated and was a small expense.
We repainted using color Monroe Bisque.
The countertop is coffee brown leathered was difficult to find something that I didn't think would clash with the floor but this worked out well and the countertop cleans well...the indentions from the leathered look are not deep. Don't be afraid of the "leathered" type granites..they give a very substantial feel to a room.
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