Painted Stools. Dipped Leg Chair/ Stool

3 Materials
60 Minutes

We all have these wood stools at home and they are so very boring to look at. So why not give it a new look using spray paint ?

The paints

You will need any color paint you want. I chose deep

blue and green and for the blue stool I decided to do a dipped leg loom. Which is nothing else other than paint the legs half way a different color. My color of choice for the dip part was gold. Why not. All girls like gold. Lol.

The metal stool

This metal still

was so rusted i had to give a good sanding in order to be able to paint. Please use some gloves and eye protection when sanding metal.

also the metal sanding paper is a bit stronger. I used a 60 grid to get the rust out and swap to a 120 and than painted.

The wood stool

Easy peasy. Didn’t even sand this one. I just gave a good cleaning and started to paint

The dipped legs.

To paint the legs I waited for the main color to dry completely than sort of Mark the leg where i wanted to go and add led some painters tape.

spray the gold paint and try removing the painters tape while the gold is still wet.

The final

For presentation use your stool for anything you’d like. I needed some plant stands and boom holders. My kitchen is small so these came in hand.

you can add to a bathroom or a bedroom.

Suggested materials:
  • Wood bar stool
  • MetalStool
  • Spray paint   (Lowe’s)
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