Refinished Waterfall Buffet

by David
10 Hours
I was asked if I wanted to rescue this buffet. I felt it was worthwhile saving, so I decided to take on this challenge.
Before, as picked up.
I have read several articles on here about an old sideboard someone has painted. People often commented that it looked better before hand and preferred the wood look. So I decided to rehab this piece while saving the natural wood. Quite a bit of it was veneer, which really couldn't be saved. These areas I would paint. But all the real wood areas I sanded down to bare wood.
I stained the bare wood with three coats for the right color, then satin polyurethane. I made my own chalk paint. Used a paintable, patterned wallpaper (idea I found on here) on both center drawers and both sides. I did not chalk paint these areas, just used the flat paint. I then mixed in the Plaster of Paris/water mixture. Chalk painted the doors, drawers and lower inside panels. Chalk painted 4 coats on top. Sanded then used a clear wax/antique wax blend. Also waxed the flat paint/wallpaper areas to match. I was able to save/use all the original hardware, an spray painted with a hammered, bronze paint.

I am very happy with how it turned out. It was also a great piece to get my feet wet with both chalk paint and wax.

What do you think?

Thank you.

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