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by Arts Be Crafty
I wanted a little table to put next to the lounge chair on the deck, but even the simplest tables were expensive. I found this piece of wood at Lowe's for a few bucks.
I sketched some flower petals on it. Took Mahogany stain and an old t-shirt (use rubber gloves to protect your hands!) and started filling in the petals. Put darker stain where the shadows of the flower would be and then lightly brush outward toward the tips of the flowers.
The base is a cheap plastic flower pot. From the inside I just screwed the bottom to the top and there's the table! Depending on how high you want the table, just get that size pot.
I was thinking of painting the pot blue, but I'm already onto my next project so, it's staying green. :)

I wish I'd checked the wood better before purchasing. Stain sinks into the groves of the wood and there's a spot toward the center that ran the stain across instead of out toward the sides.
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