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This is what the hutch looked like when I got it. It really wasn't pretty and it didn't smell very good - it smelled like cats and smoke. One of the glass inserts to one of the cabinet doors was cracked, too. But, none of these things bothered me because I saw her potential and I knew I could fix her up! :)
I decided I wanted to make her look rustic but dress her up with a bit of glam! So, I started by removing everything that I didn't like...
I removed all of the glass from the cabinets, the cheap backing, the dated detailing on the cabinet doors and the middle cabinet door (which wasn't a real functioning door). I just used a good old putty knife and hammer to remove the detailing on the doors. Then I filled in the holes with wood filler. When the wood filler was dry I sanded it with a fine grit sandpaper until it was butter smooth.
Finally I was able to start painting! First I sprayed the entire thing with silver metallic paint. Then I sealed the silver using Shellac (in the spray can). I painted the outside of the hutch in a custom mix of Wildflowers & Pistols Milk Paint using the colors Annie and Priscilla. I painted the inside of the hutch using Wildflowers & Pistols Milk Paint in Priscilla. You can purchase the milk paint here ---->
I built cubbies where the fake cabinet door used to be. I was getting so excited by this point!! :)
I replaced the old, broken glass with chicken wire. I kept the original hardware but I updated them with a couple coats of an oil rubbed bronze paint.
THIS is why I painted the hutch with silver metallic paint first. It look so gorgeous with the silver peeking through the dark blue/gray color! - Also here's a peek at the new back!! :)
I purchased these metal baskets from Hobby Lobby. They were originally a big bird yellow. Which could have been cute for something else.. but definitely not for this piece. So, first I painted them with the oil rubbed bronze paint then I lightly coated them with a silver nickel finish paint. Doesn't the silver peeking through look SO great with the back and the baskets!?
Even though I distressed the hutch, I wanted it to have a finished elegance to it ( or glam!) So I painted the inside of the bottom cabinets and I continued the detailed design of the back behind them as well.
Ok, so, for the back I painted it with Wildflowers & Pistols Milk Paint using Priscilla then I got a stencil and some pearly white acrylic paint from hobby lobby. Then, I just stenciled the design onto the entire back. I LOVE the pearly white!! It's subtle but beautiful and adds SO much charm to this hutch!!
*sigh* I think I could stare at this all day!
I LOVE the chicken wire on those cabinets!!
I'm pretty sure that this is my all time fave piece that I've done so far! It's rustic, it's country... but it's PRETTY! I love everything about this!! I hope y'all do too! :)
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