1. Farmhouse Style Dining Room Furniture

This is a great example of how you can transform a dining room furniture set with little more than a few cans of paint. Hometalker Noting Grace tidied up the tabletop and seats of the chairs with an orbital sander, before painting in rich mahogany and cream colors. Use Valspar Antiquing Glaze before painting if you want a similar farmhouse finish. Get tutorial here

2. Beadboard Wallpaper and Chalk Paint Buffet

A buffet is an effective way to create bonus dining room storage. Hometalker Julie gave this dining room buffet a new lease on life via a combination of beadboard wallpaper and chalk paint. Julie made the chalk paint at home, with the white shade working together beautifully with the beadboard wallpaper to give this buffet lots of retro charm. Get tutorial here

3. Distressed Antique Dining Room Furniture

If you’re looking to change your dining room’s color scheme but are reluctant to part with cherished furniture, then consider using paint to update your tables or chairs. In this case, Hometalker Deb Foglia has used homemade chalk paint to replace the classic wood tone with a distressed white finish. There is lots of depth to the final paint job. Get tutorial here

4. Painted Tea Tray Redesign

Hometalker Celia Collier produced a wonderfully eye-catching tea cart through the creative application of several chalk paints. If you’re looking to redesign a tea cart in the same manner, then you should follow Celia’s lead and use two coats of tung oil as sealer. Spray the non-tray parts with hammered antique pewter for a metallic sheen. Get tutorial here

5. Painted Hutch With Chicken Wire Windows

If you have enough wall space in your dining room, then why not consider adding a hutch for extra storage and decoration? Hometalker Painted Therapy brightened up this piece of antique dining room furniture, adding layers of both creamy white and blue paint. Consider replacing the glass with chicken wire to really build on a farmhouse themed room. Get tutorial here

6. Antique Dining Room Furniture Makeover

This buffet underwent a dramatic transformation, as Hometalker Leanne replaced its original wood tone with a more vibrant color scheme. Leanne used a mixture of ASCP Graphite and Coco for the gray surface, before opting for ASCP Old White on the rest of the buffet. Patiently apply both clear and dark wax for a smooth finish. Get tutorial here

7. Colorful Tea Cart Creation

Tea carts are something of a luxury when it comes to dining room furniture, so why not make the cart as fun as possible? The contrast between the coral top and the white framework really makes this tea cart stand out in the room. Seal with Minwax polycrylic to ensure that your tea cart is resilient in case of any spillage. Get tutorial here

8. Leather-Look Dining Room Furniture

Leather and dining room furniture sets are not two things that you might traditionally associate together, but they can work in a complementary style. This tabletop isn’t actual leather, but it is made of Western-embossed leather-look vinyl fabric. Rows of nails serve the dual purpose of adding decorations and attaching the fabric to the table. Get tutorial here

10. Painted Modern Dining Room Furniture

Hometalker Stephanie turned a scratched mahogany buffet into a very classy piece of modern dining room furniture. The painted black surface and drawer pulls complement the shine of the mahogany. While the smooth black paint brings the buffet into the 21st century, the classic look of the remaining mahogany provides a cool retro throwback. Get tutorial here

11. From a Dresser into a Wine Bar

Hometalker DeDe cleverly repurposed an old dresser that was showing several signs of wear and tear, by converting the unit into a new, classy wine bar. This transformation highlights how worn antique dining room furniture doesn’t have to be discarded. DeDe removed some of the drawers, added shelves, and embossed the remaining drawer front. Get tutorial here

12. Dining Room Furniture Makeover

This freshly painted dining table now has a bright, smooth finish, courtesy of a white shade of chalk paint. This lighter color ensures that the table is now a true centerpiece in what is quite a dark dining room. Use Simplicity from Country Chic Paint if you are looking to emulate the end product of this dining table makeover. Get tutorial here

13. Distressed Wood Dining Room Table

Deliberately creating a distressed wooden appearance is one of the best ways to produce a rustic dining room furniture set. Hometalker Krista Beck dismantled wooden pallets, sanded the boards, and experimented with the pieces of wood to find the perfect layout for the table. Use a semi-gloss clear stain for the best finish on natural wood. Get tutorial here

14. Clever and Chic Dining Room Chair Design

Hometalkers Beth and Spencer Teller rescued this dining room furniture set from the trash, turning it into something magical and chic. A nautical themed shower curtain acts as a comfortable material to sit upon, with a transparent curtain liner added on top to make this a durable chair. Why throw things away when you can make something this good? Get tutorial here

15. Cream Paint on Oak Dining Room Table

This dining room table used to have a dull, oak color. Hometalker Andrea S stripped the surfaces and primed for painting. That painting came in the form of a light cream shade, with a chocolate brown glaze that allows the table’s wooden history to shine through in just the right amount. The oak’s legacy survives, but in a more tasteful fashion. Get tutorial here

16. A Wine Bar as Modern Dining Room Furniture

Hometalker Whimsy and Wood redeveloped this piece of antique dining room furniture into a wine bar that can cater to any 21st century party. The wine storage space has been optimized to hold as many bottles as possible, while the black paint job now makes this cabinet look like a piece of modern dining room furniture. Get tutorial here

17. French Script on Table Looks Magnifique

There was once a scratched wooden surface on this dining room table, until a novel piece of redecoration. After sanding and whitewashing, Hometalker Bammaw’s House used posters and carbon paper to trace out elaborate French script onto the table. Voila! The end product is contemporary, artsy, and would certainly stand out in any dining room. Get tutorial here

18. Color Contrast in Dining Room Furniture Sets

Hometalker Lisa gave this dining room furniture set a completely new look. Paints from Valspar and Krylon worked together to give the table and chairs a glossy, vibrant finish. The contrast between the colors of the chairs and table works brilliantly, a great example of how all items of a set need to be painted in a uniform style. Get tutorial here

19. From Ice Box to Wine Storage

This wine cabinet has the appearance of an elegant item of antique dining room furniture. However, that wasn’t always the case, as the wine cabinet used to be an ice box. Cat used paint stripper to remove a faded layer of white paint, before polishing it and adding a layer of tung oil for a shiny, vintage finish. Get tutorial here

20. Wooden Dining Room Furniture Design

Are you frustrated at how difficult it can be to find a round farmhouse table that perfectly fits your modern dining room furniture plans? Hometalker Jenni Ingram has shown how you can make your own, by cutting regular planks of lumber to form the required curved edges. Once assembled, sand and stain for the best finish. Get tutorial here