Stools Transformation

Elegant and cozy
by Elegant and cozy
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5 Hours

These stools were bought used on offer up for $15 each. I got tired of the plain white leather look and decided to give it a furry touch!

I took a trip

to Jo Anns fabric, looked for the furriest of all fabricsc and bought 1yard. I used it to upholster these stools and make a couple of sofa decorative pillows. I Measured around the stool, cut a square piece to cover the top and staple under neath it

Cut around the stool and make sure corners are slightly longer. You will need to have longer corners to fold around the legs.

I stappled the sides first to

secure the fabric in place then stappled the corners last

My daughter was more excited than I was with this project.

Here is the finished product!

Here you see the before and after pictures.

Stools have been used in every room throughout the house...except for the bathroom of course 😂. Visit our facebook page for more remodeling ideas and decoration.

The stools are in my guest room now and look fabulous.

Suggested materials:
  • Scissors, heavy duty stappler and stapples, furry fabric   (Joann fabrics)
  • Home depot
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