The Little Cabinet That Could!!

Sandra Allen
by Sandra Allen
8 Materials
5 Hours
From an old humidor (?) to a dainty little cabinet was a labor of love but I do like the way it turned out.

I think this might have been a humidor but I am not sure. But after a good cleaning and overnight drying, I went to work.
Being just 2' high, 10" deep and 14" wide, it's the perfect size for my little bathroom.
I didn't have anything but ceramic paint and tiny brushes. What was I thinking??
It took forever! I wish now I would have done the inside with white but then hind sight is 20/20!
I had some cream and green, the same combination I used to paint the pretties in my bathroom makeover. I didn't have much but it was just enough.
Finally finding a foam brush, it made a lot quicker work. But I didn't have enough for the inside of the cabinet. However, necessity if the mommy of invention and I think it turned out great.
I painted the inside walls a darker green but still didn't have enough for the floor.
That is when I got creative with some plastic/lacy valences someone left in our community center. I measured the inside of the cabinet and cut the lace to fit it.
I love how the angels are dead pun intended.

As you can see there was a bit of paint on the inside floor that got on the lace simply because I was impatient to be done. But that's okay because I had something pretty to sit inside. However...
The brown bottom still showed through so I made another piece to put under it. That helped but didn't really fix it.
So I got in my stash of cream colored doilies and voila!!
Then, I really got foo foo! I had my great grandmother Clara Broin's dresser scarf made with single crochet and tiny thread .

I hot glued a couple mini doilies on the doors, and decorated with one of my grand mother Clara Pearson's china cups, two of her necklaces and some pretties of my own creation.

I just love the end result.
Suggested materials:
  • Tiny Cabinet   (Yard sale)
  • Ceramic Paint and tub to mix   (Had at home)
  • Artist brush and foam brushes   (Had at home)
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