Vintage Hutch Makeover

5 Days
Late night when stalking Craigslist, (yep I admit it, I am a craigslist stalker) I stumbled across this vintage hutch in a neighboring town. It was beat up and screaming redo me, redo me! So I answered the call, of course and the results are gorgeous, my favorite hutch EVER (insert valley girl voice here)! It was, however, my toughest redo project to date. The glass was broken and we had to replace three of the panels. Was so hard to get the glass out, oh mercy it was a chore! I decided to remove all of the "grate style" trim on all of the doors. I felt like it would impede the view into the hutch. Honestly I just did not like it all, so I won the argument (my hubbie wanted to keep it), and with the help of a finish carpenter friend (who thankfully agreed with moi ;D) we removed it, sanded & puttied the holes it left behind.
The drawers & doors were warped from being stored in a damp garage area. I had major sanding to do....not a fan of sanding. I love sanding...said no one ever. The glass panels were even harder to get back in with the molding than they were to get out, whew. Lots of sweat, a few bruises and lots of fun went into the entire process (except moving it, no fun at all there, whew this sucker is HEAVY)! I painted it using Maison Blanche Wrought Iron Vintage Furniture Paint. I purchased my paint from Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage. She is wonderful and ships items out so quickly! I used the Maison Blanch Vintage Furniture Wax in clear (which I also purchased from the lovely Shannon Fox from Fox Hollow Cottage), 2 coats & buffed out with my drill and brush attachment. Makes it way easier on your hands to buff with a buffing too! I still broke a sweat thought. I added glass knobs (there were no knobs at all). I also decided to back the three panels in the back with black & white damask wallpaper for funzees. I just tacked it in with double stick tape so I could remove it and who knows, add other fun prints later?! Thought it livened it up a bit, I love mixing different patterns and textures throughout my house.
One more little tidbit. About a month after I finished the hutch (or so I thought), I was randomly stalking Craigslist again, looking in the antiques and stumbled across none other than my exact hutch! However, it had a large "crown style" topper in the center. Mine must have been missing (jipped and I did not even now it, ha)! So I thought I'd go out on a limb & just ask the seller if they would be willing to part with just the topper. Was a long shot but I REALLY wanted it...who doesn't love a good crown?! Well she said YES and took $30.00 bucks for it, as it was broken in half right down the middle. Well seeing that I am no stranger to glue, I knew I could repair it and I did. Was hard to attach and me doing it would have won on America's Funniest Videos, ha!
So in the end I got a hutch from two different craigslist sellers to make one whole hutch. Ahh craigslist people, it's a beautiful thing, sigh. Total cost for this hutch after glass, paint, & wax; only $525.00! Oh how I love a deal. Was well worth it and I plan to pass it to my daughter one day, and heirloom piece with her Mother's signature all over without further ado, (and after you read my novel) here is my lovely new hutch!
BEFORE: From craiglist ad.
IN PROGRESS: Was so hard to take this hutch apart.
IN PROGRESS: Had a finish carpenter friend of ours cut out the grids.Had to putty and sand the holes it left.
IN PROGRESS: Took 3 coats of Maison Blanche Wrought Iron Vintage Furniture Paint. Topped with 2 coats of Maison Blanche Clear Wax. Whew got my work out on with the wax!
AFTER: Added glass handles. There were no handles previously to open it with at all, just a key.
AFTER: Replaced 3 of broken glass panels. All of the glass had to come out for painting it and Oh boy was that the hardest to get back in correctly with the wood trim on the inside back in place. Painfully hard on my knees!
AFTER: SO glad I found the 2nd ad on craigslist and bought the missing crown. The crown just makes it, I love this hutch!
AFTER: I tacked b&W damask wallpaper to the back panels to make it pop and if I want to change it up later it is not permanent.
AFTER: Christmas decor down, lol! This is a great heirloom piece that I will pass to my daughter one day if she wants it or maybe even a grandchild!
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  • Rocki Rocki on Oct 27, 2016
    So Beautiful!! May I ask... Where did you get all the fancy woodwork that you used as trim for this piece?

  • Cmo6562438 Cmo6562438 on Nov 25, 2016
    I am having no luck finding this paint. Can you send me a website where I can get it? Thanks

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