How to Make a Pendant Light With an Alcohol Bottle.

Caitlin Bigelow
by Caitlin Bigelow
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Learn how to make a pendant light out of an upcycled alcohol bottle. This easy project is under $30.
Learn how to make a one-of-a-kind pendant light!
Having the right tools makes all the difference.

To Cut the Bottle:

Wet Saw

Diamond Blade Here's the link to the one I used!


To Make Pendant Light:

Cut Bottle (or other vessel)

Pendant light kit


Wire strippers

Multimeter (optional)

Wire Cutters
Step 1: Select an awesome alcohol bottle to cut. To cut glass with a

wet saw you need a special kind of blade. I purchased my 10” diamond blade here at

Cut your bottle by applying even pressure and slowly rotating it.

Clean up the edges if necessary by running it through a second time.

Soak off the labels.
Step 2: Cut your Cord

The cord I bought would not fit through the neck of the

bottle. So I cut the cord near the plug. Make sure to thread this part through the bottle before you attach the new plug!

After cutting strip back one inch to expose the wires. There may be two or three wires depending on the type of plug. If your cord has three wires, remember that green stands for ground!
Thread all this through the bottle neck.
Step 3: Hook Your Wires

I bought a nema 5-15 plug with screw terminals. Since this is a simple electrical job you don't need to worry about matching the black and white wires to certain screws. If you have a third wire (green) it must be matched to the green terminal (ground).
To connect the wires loosen the screws on the terminal, make a hook shape and loop around the screw. Once the wire is around the screw tighten back down for a secure connection.
Put plug back together.
Step 4: pull socket through bottle mouth

Now pull the socket threw to the neck of the bottle. Insert a light bulb and you're good to go! Make sure that you choose either a low voltage light bulb or an LED that doesn't get too hot. They even make LEDs that look like the vintage filament bulbs.
Step 5: Opps.

DIY projects don't always go as planned. I was plugging this in and one rolled off the table and shattered. Good thing I made two of them!

Hope you liked this project. Please check out my YouTube Channel for more home and design projects.
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