Light Up a Motorcycle Fender

Gary Hardman
by Gary Hardman
3 Materials
3 Days

So I have dabbled with steampunk lights and they have sold well in my shop. Finding a cool motorcycle fender on line for $15, I decided to light it up.

The fender was from an old 70s Triumph. I decided to add a trio of lights under it. Thanks to Amazon, I found a trio of lights that are hooked together and perfect for this project.

I liked the fender but decided for my first step to add a racing stripe. The simple fix was to tape it and spray it with white enamel paint.

The next step was to find the mid balance point and drill a 1 inch hole. So to find the mid point, I put an index finger on each side of fender and moved them side to side until it balanced. I know, this seems simple, but it works. I next drilled a one inch hole and in keeping with its industrial feel, I added plumbing parts to support the wires anchoring the 1 inch pipe with a 1 inch nut underneath the fender.

I unscrewed the socket part from the wires and poked the wires through the pipe. I pulled them out and attached 2 of the 3 wires to the inside of the fender using screws and bolts to each end. The middle wire just hung down straight. The next decision to make was how long did I want each bulb to hang down. I cut the wires, reattached the sockets and added a chain to the wire above the fender anchoring it to the fender.

I added long vintage look bulbs, a license plate, plugged it in and loved the results. This is a perfect accent for a man cave, teen room or for any motorcycle enthusiast.

Suggested materials:
  • Tri wire sockets for hanging light   (Amazon)
  • Plumbing parts and chain   (Mennards)
  • White spray paint   (Mennards)
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