1. Vintage Style Kitchen Lighting

If you're looking for vintage-style kitchen lighting to match a rustic vibe in your house, then look no further than how Hometalker Art is beauty transformed their room. Seedy glass shades and Edison-style bulbs combine to produce a light that feels like a throwback to a bygone era, but fits perfectly in a kitchen with a dark-wood theme. Get tutorial here

2. Medallion Kitchen Ceiling Lights

This charming design was introduced as part of a mobile home renovation, but it can provide inspiration for anyone looking to make clever use of their kitchen space. The 10-inch ceiling medallions show that it is definitely worth taking the time to find a design for kitchen ceiling lights that perfectly complements the rest of the kitchen decor. Get tutorial here

3. Glass Kitchen Pendant Lighting

If you're fed up with tired kitchen pendant lighting but don't want to break the bank, then this is the perfect solution. Hometalker Sarah Lindley Farnsworth scraped off fading red paint on the old shades to reveal the glass underneath, spray painted the fitting, and installed Edison bulbs. The end product is so good that you’d have no idea of the lights’ past life. Get tutorial here

4. LED Kitchen Lighting Under Cabinet

The use of LED kitchen lighting is an effective way to introduce a cool, modern atmosphere to the room. These subtle under-cabinet LED lights give this bohemian kitchen a pleasant glow, perfectly complementing the warmer string lighting. With a simple bracket under the cabinet, LED lights can take up minimal space and little time on your part.  Get tutorial here

5. Table Top Kitchen Island Lighting

No, your eyes don't deceive you - Hometalker GullyCreekCottage has taken a tabletop and magically converted it into a piece of kitchen island lighting that becomes the room’s centerpiece. The design of the tabletop ensures that the light gets to where it needs to be, without creating a harsh glare. Just make sure that you take the legs off first! Get tutorial here

7. Creative Kitchen Chandelier Fitting

Chandeliers and ladders may not currently be a classic combination, but Hometalker Katie has shown that the two can go together like a dream. The ladder was painted white with chalk paint for a clean finish, then attached to the ceiling with swag hooks and a chain. The chandeliers slot between the rungs of the ladder perfectly. Get tutorial here

8. Tiled Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Hometalker Susan Davia repurposed ceiling tiles to create a memorable piece of kitchen pendant lighting. The tiles provide an attractive yet understated base for the kitchen island lighting, while the glass globes tastefully illuminate the room. The white tile pattern almost acts as a mirror to the island, adding new depth to the room. Get tutorial here

9. Rustic Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Hometalker Perfectly DeStressed modified some decorative metal light shades to create kitchen pendant lighting that works very well in a farmhouse-inspired kitchen. With the use of pliers, the metal design can be altered to a Hometalker’s heart's content. This exposed style of light shade is especially great in kitchens that are traps for natural light. Get tutorial here

10. Farmhouse Kitchen Light Box

Ever looked at an unused pallet and thought, 'that would make a great kitchen light box?' Well, that's exactly what Hometalker, Noting Grace, did. The pallet not only introduces an easy rustic charm, but it also hides excess cord from the hanging lights. This inventive light box has breathed new life into their kitchen lighting. Get tutorial here

11. Wooden Kitchen Light Fixture

This rustic kitchen light fixture perfectly complements a room with a farmhouse theme. Hometalker Jim Cox acquired new pendant lights but chose not to install the metal covers to further enhance the rustic nature of the kitchen light fixture. The way the pendant lights hang down from the box almost creates a sense that they are completely detached. Get tutorial here

13. Fluorescent Kitchen Lighting Makeover

Hometalker Lauren Z demonstrated how you can update a fluorescent light in your kitchen, without needing to spend too much time or money. The faux grain metal case was painted yellow for a fresh appearance, while a piece of lace was spread across the plexiglass frame to deliver a classy finish. The final product creates a beautifully soft light. Get tutorial here

14. Copper Kitchen Lighting Effect

You might be more likely to find copper in a kitchen as a backsplash, but it can work great as part of a lighting transformation. Here, a faux-copper ceiling panel works with an exterior lantern to produce a trendy piece of farmhouse lighting. Some old barn wood trim was also added to really round off the rustic appearance. Get tutorial here