Kitchen Nightmare to Kitchen Dream!

Cathy P
by Cathy P
We had ordered cabinets from a local warehouse in New Hampshire back in April, and had not received them by August.( long ugly story ) But with the help off the Attorney General and the better business bureau, we were able to get our down payment back. We then ordered cabinets from a more reputable business, and six weeks later got the delivery call!!
Meanwhile......our contractor (bless his heart ) had been busy! Tore out our old cabinets, took down a wall, put up a new beam,'re-routed the plumbing and heat, took out sliding doors, tore up the old flooring and sub flooring, discovered holes and rotting timbers below the sub floor, replaced THEM.......ran new wires and outlets, put in new lighting fixtures..........all with a smile on his face!!
It's now Christmas eve, all that needs to be done is grouting the floor and installing the back splash! Thank God it's almost done!!!
Kitchen before...
We lived like this too long! Fortunately the dishwasher still worked!
Under the sub flooring...
Some humor under the new tile floor
Installation of granite countertops
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