My Favorite Wall In My Home

Kaitlyn Hoffman
by Kaitlyn Hoffman
It started out as one of my brilliant brainstorms. Continued as a mention to my lovely husband who then thought I was once again nuts. I tend to come up with all these wonderful and fun ideas. Okay maybe they are at least to me. Ha ha. And I have to admit most of these ideas he calls "projects" because yes they mostly do involve 90% of his work a 10% of my help.
I knew I wanted a chalk wall in our home and found the perfect location. The kitchen. Not only would our daughters be able to draw on the wall but I could use it as a memo board as well. Plus that way I could show it off when guest came over. He he.
We ended up painting it from the floor to ceiling. He thought I was a little bonkers about that idea at first since we have slightly cathedral ceilings. The chalk wall has now been up for a year or maybe longer. We love it and it has come in so handy. Now when guest come over who have never seen our chalk wall they mention how much they love it. It is pretty cool and now is my favorite wall in our home.
It is great for the girls to practice writing, spelling, numbers, etc on it. It's great during the winter to play with chalk.Since we painted it from floor to ceiling I use the top to put up their special school work.My husband and I use it as a memo board. We store our wifi pass code for guest on it for guest. Brilliant I know!
Something I did not think about when a few of our guest wouldn't allow their child to draw on our chalk wall because they were afraid it would give their child the okay to draw on other walls. At first I was astounded and thought they were just being mean. But at the same time understood and had to respect their parenting choices.
So here is how our daughters understood to only draw on the chalk wall. We instructed that they were only to draw on the black wall in the kitchen with their chalk only. No other walls in the house were ever okay to draw on what so ever. They understood very clearly and we never had issues.
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Whats your favorite wall in your home?
Kaitlyn Hoffman
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