Wasted Space Turned Into a Pantry With a Accent Wall

Meagan Hopper
by Meagan Hopper
3 Days
With the original layout of the house this was the sitting room and dinning room.. the house was added on to and we used another room for the dining area ...so it was a wasted space and decided to make a huge pantry.
Decided to tear the carpet out and worked well because of the sunken in sitting room ... eventually we will figure out what to do with the floor ..
Started the frame for the wall we decided to only go up 6 feet because its nice to have a decorative shelf
All framed up!! and secure to the studs in the wall
next we added a thin type of fiber board which was not really smart it warped a lot and should used a thicker board
Used some old fence boards left over from previous projects to cover the wall . I have always wanted a rustic looking wall ...
Wall is all done!!! I love how it turned out!!!
So the reason for the wall ! ... the Pantry!!! So far we have only 2 shelves they run a bit much so little by little we will add more shelves ... but I have a nice big pantry right off the Kitchen .. excuse the wire mess still in the process of getting things organized
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