Asked on Nov 21, 2013

Cabinet and Counter top color combination?

by Cherette
I'm moving into my new house soon and want to paint my cabinets and counter tops. I'm not sure if I should go with white cabinets and an espresso brown counter top, or do espresso brown cabinets with tan counter tops. What do you think?
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My Kitchen
q cabinet and counter top color combination, countertops, home decor, kitchen cabinets, kitchen design, painting, Looking into the kitchen from the livingroom
Looking into the kitchen from the livingroom
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  • R.V.R. Farris R.V.R. Farris on Nov 21, 2013
    I'd probably go with white on the cabinets to coordinate with the appliances.

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    • Beth Beth on Apr 09, 2015
      @Cherette Stainless is OUT of style!! it is cheaper than the new white apps. in our area . I never did like the stainless because it looks like restaurant kitchens and other institution kitchens

  • Tegma Tegma on Nov 21, 2013
    If you plan on keeping the house indefinitely, go with whichever you like most. But, if it's going to be a resale, I would go with the white as more people would like that when it comes time to sell. Also, another consideration is how much light is in the kitchen.... if it's a darker room, not many windows, keep the cabinets white. However, go with a dark counter. You should always do opposites when it comes to cabinets and counters.

  • Shari Shari on Nov 21, 2013
    Great kitchen! Lots of potential here! Even putting dark counter tops over white cabinets will darken the room to some degree but espresso cabinets with tan counter tops will darken the kitchen up considerably. I'm a white, light and bright kind of girl myself so for me, I would definitely keep the cabinets white because I need to surround myself with as much light as possible. However, you may prefer your surroundings dark and cozy so in that case I would say go with dark cabinets.

  • Linda T Linda T on Nov 21, 2013
    Beautiful kitchen. Keep it white. You can really change it out and it is so much lighter.

  • Susan Squires Susan Squires on Nov 23, 2013
    Definitely stay with the white

  • 169756 169756 on Nov 23, 2013
    I would also keep it white, adding a punch of color to the walls and backsplash. Maybe change the dark curtains to a color that would work with the wall. And a coordinating striped curtain for a modern touch. If you don't need the privacy, just a valance.

  • Small Talk Mama Small Talk Mama on Nov 23, 2013
    keep the white cabinets, please. . . .

  • Wanda.ll Wanda.ll on Nov 23, 2013
    Like everyone else I would keep the white cabinets.Change wall color or back splash if you must. White is the in thing right now. It is clean and bright.You can get stuff to do counter top make it look like granite now. It takes a couple of days to complete but looks good I'm told.

  • Donna Neighbors Donna Neighbors on Nov 23, 2013
    Buy some new curtains :)

  • Mary Mary on Nov 23, 2013
    I personally prefer white cabinets in a kitchen, but you have to please yourself. I like light and bright, especially in Florida. Congratulations on your new home, it looks lovely.

  • Gloria Duy Gloria Duy on Nov 23, 2013
    I have painted cabinets before and I can tell you it is a really big job to do it right. If they are in good condition leave them white, get your stainless steel appliances, accessorize with some colors and live with it awhile. Bring home some sample chips of counter tops and live with them in your kitchen. Don't rush into anything.

  • Lanik Lanik on Nov 23, 2013
    White? Really...? Pretty boring if you ask me. So 1990's. Do something fun and energetic. Take off some of the doors of the uppers for an open shelving look or take some of them down all together and then paint the wall behind them a color you love ~ or at least put glass in them it will open up and feel like a larger space.Maybe keep going with the wall color onto the bottom cabinets? Definitely replace the door hardware. Use something that will work with the stainless. If you are going to replace the counters why not try for a vintage top as the mantle in the living room looks traditional? Check on Houzz and look up painted kitchens....Also, looks like that window must have a not so great view or it wouldn't be covered up...Maybe try a window shade that lets thru some light and pulls up from the bottom or shutters on the bottom? Or put in some of those solar tube lights...I have some in a windowless room and love them!

  • Deborah Shaw Deborah Shaw on Nov 23, 2013
    That's a great kitchen! I'd leave the cabinets white and just change the counter tops to something dark, like slate. Are they laminate? There are some really beautiful laminates available today that look like granite but are much more affordable. A beautiful slate-type would be great with the stainless appliances. Good luck!

  • Shari Shari on Nov 23, 2013
    If you are going to be doing kitchen renovations, especially new counter tops, I just wanted to throw an idea out there for you to consider-- some changes in appliance placement. I would suggest moving the refrigerator over next the door that looks like a pantry door. In my opinion, that long bank of cabinets and counter top over there to the left of the window is wasted because it is too far away from the main cooking and sink area to be very useful. I also noted the dishwasher is too close to the sink and with the current placement it appears it is impossible to stand at the sink and load the dishwasher because the door would open down in front of the sink. (What the heck? Why did they do that?) If the refrigerator was relocated to the opposite wall, you could then move the stove to the refrigerator's current location (and have more workable counter top space around the stove), move the dishwasher where the stove is currently placed (and have a long, uninterrupted run of workable counter top there. These changes would also require moving some of the existing cabinets around and, of course, replacing the counter tops but if you are planning on new counter tops anyway, this would be the time to make changes. I think these changes in appliance placement would give you a lot more useful counter top space for food prep closer to the sink and stove--thus creating a much better functioning kitchen.

  • Joan McGregor Joan McGregor on Nov 23, 2013
    Look at lots of photos and decide which colour cabinets you like and go from there remember dark cabinets---light countertop and white cabinets---dark countertop. .I love black cabinets but my home colours are black,white,gray and silver but thats me. . .I would also get rid of the curtains and install blinds. .

  • Kelly Lane Kelly Lane on Nov 23, 2013
    Try Rustoleum cabinet transformation kits from home dept or lowes. makes refinishing cabinets easy and beautiful

  • Elizabeth Elizabeth on Nov 23, 2013
    I would keep the white cabinets and add a classic black counter top. Paint the walls a nice green or blue and then really add in accessories in bright pops of color. By keeping cabinets and countertops a classic color you can easily and usually inexpensively change out !!! I've done that for years and have never regretted it !!

  • Kim Dagenais Kim Dagenais on Nov 23, 2013
    I agree with Shari about the dishwasher. How can you load it properly? It needs to be one cupboard over to the left for you to have ease in loading it. If you don't have a budget for new countertops, then I would go cheaper and do an inexpensive tile job on the counters, and ledge. Or a stained cement counter top. I myself have never done cement countertops, but I hear it is not that expensive and there are loads of How To videos on the interest for that kind of DIY project. I would keep the cupboards white and brighten things up with a new backsplash. From the pictures, it doesn't look like you have one, and you could match the backsplash with your existing paint colour on your walls. I would do a tiny mosaic subway tile in a combination of brown, white glass with marble. I have seen it at Home Depot. If you are only doing the backsplash it shouldn't cost too much. Even if you do tiles with splashes of lime green in the same type of design or squares mosaic tiles would look great. I would stick to earth tone colours and if you do not put a bright colour for the back splash or wall paint I would do bright coloured accents like the curtains, floor mat, accessories on the countertop. I would also change all the knobs for silver finished ones. It would definitely update the cupboards. Try some suggestions out, and if you do not like your cupboards white still, then go dark with light coloured countertops, light coloured back splashes and definitely light coloured walls to make the dark cupboards pop. Can't wait to see what you end up doing. I am going to be renovating my kitchen after the New Year and can't wait to get started.

  • Chiemi K Chiemi K on Nov 23, 2013
    I would keep white cabinets and replace the counter top with marble granite. I personally like stainless appliances, but to match the tone from the living room which appears rather traditional, white appliances look better. They, however, will look boring, and I would do a backsplash with checker patterns by silver/white and a warm color you like. Orange, for example? Curtains are not very practical in the kitchen. There I personally like roller shades or rolling-up blinds. What would you think?

  • Cyndi Moore Tippett Cyndi Moore Tippett on Nov 23, 2013
    I would leave everything the same except the wall color and curtains, which would be an easy fix if you don't like it or you change your mind. Take it from someone who has renovated several house over the last 18 years, don't make any major changes like cabinets and countertops, etc. until you have lived in the home at least six months. I have rushed in and changed cabinet colors and almost ripped out flooring bc I wanted to put my stamp on it and regretted it later and had to redo it. Give yourself some time, put all "your stuff" in the kitchen and then decide about cabinets and countertops. I love your white cabinets with the white appliances.

  • Kathy Kathy on Nov 23, 2013
    I like it the way it is - if you need/want some colour I'd suggest painting the walls with a punch of colour!

  • Cynthia E Cynthia E on Nov 23, 2013
    Idea came to me .Buy sample jars of paints in colors you want for cabinets and as close to countertop shades as possible. Paint a roll of brown craft paper or even wrapping paper and tape onto cabinets next to each other (almost wallpaper them so that you get good idea of how will turn out) and do same w/ countertop color choices for both sides. Then live with if for a day or 2 and see which 1 of the 2 combos You like best :) I know it sounds a little crazy but it is the easiest way with out painting all cabinets themselves etc. to help you decide which will be one you love.

  • Cherette Cherette on Nov 24, 2013
    I totally agree with you Shari! I didn't think about the position of the dishwasher until yoi mentioned it. Unfortunately I don't have the budget to swap the layout right now, but I will live with it for a bit and I'm sure other ideas/layouts will come to mind. Those curtains will be out of there on day 1 when I move in! I will definitely be adding color to the walls but decided to leave the cabinets white. Cynthia, I actually love that suggestion... i might do that for the backsplash. I definitely want to take my time and get the design elements right.

    • Shari Shari on Nov 24, 2013
      @Cherette I completely understand! Although you only asked about painting the cabinets and counter tops, I wanted to mention the layout to you since I got the impression you had not moved in yet and hadn't actually had a chance to see how the layout functioned. Appliance relocation was just something to think about if/when you decided to do more. Now, if that dishwasher ends up being too much of an aggravation (and it sure would be to me!) it would be fairly easy and not very expensive to move it over one cabinet to the left and put the lower cabinet in the dishwasher's current place, as Kim Dagenais mentioned, and it would not interfere with your current counter tops. Enjoy your new home!

  • Rose White Rose White on Nov 24, 2013
    I would consider keeping the upper cabinets a light (or white) color and paint the lower cabinets a darker color to ground the room and give it a bit of interest. Pick the colors to co-ordinate with a new backsplash tile or counter color. Do the countertops first and you may find that it is enough, if not then paint the lower cabinets a darker color, if its still not enough paint the walls or add a new backsplash.

  • Shirley L Shirley L on Nov 24, 2013
    If that is the only window in the kitchen, I wouldn't go dark. I have dark cabinets and they make my kitchen so dark even with a lot of lights. Change the window dressing and walls and you will be surprised at the difference it makes.

  • Deborah Shaw Deborah Shaw on Nov 24, 2013
    Lots of great feedback! I enjoyed reading everyone's ideas. The dishwasher is definitely going to be a pain in its current location. When you finally do move in and make changes I'd love to see the results!

  • Cherette Cherette on Nov 26, 2013
    Awesome feedback everyone! I really appreciate it.

  • Susan Susan on Nov 27, 2013
    I would leave the counter and cupboards alone, first I would move the dishwasher also.Then take down the curtains and replace with 2" faux blinds so you can open them to let the light in and close at night. Next I would replace the knobs on the cupboards with rubbed brush black knobs they have a little copper showing through, then I would paint the walls a nice soft taupe. Next I would put a little greenery on top of some of the cupboards then add a FEW accent pieces coloured blk. on to your back counter and a nice basket off fruit on the top counter above were the sink in

  • Carmen Carmen on Dec 25, 2014
    This is an older post I just found while search for ideas. If you were thinking of eventually reconfiguring the kitchen layout, I would not spend a lot of cash making changes. The cabinets really look great in the pictures. Maybe you can change the hardware pulls, to what you eventually will use (invest now for later), and paint the walls. I's been a year or so since the original post. Interested in seeing whatever change you made.

  • Lanik Lanik on Dec 26, 2014
    You might do a wash in a color that you love rather than the traditional white. Any color wash will make the remaining white trim or counters pop and would also figure out how to do some sort of crown moulding...that will make a huge difference. Possibly you could have the crown 'sit' on top...Will be much more elegant. More of furniture look.

  • Dawn Thompson Dawn Thompson on Mar 03, 2015
    Have you done the update? You should post pics.

  • 169756 169756 on Mar 04, 2015
    The white is clean and fresh. With a color change to the walls it would look really good. Would be the least expense and would offer quite a pop. Then go from there if you feel it needs more. I'd also update the curtains with straighter lines, but that's me. Paint is an easy change down the road. We have yet to pick our backsplash with our new redone kitchen because of so many options out there in glass tile. The rest of it was finished last June! You can take a look at our choices (well, my choices since hubby gave me the options). Please post it when finished, with whatever you change.