How to remove a kitchen soffit?

by Rosie

I want to remove a kitchen soffit. I am trying to update the kitchen by making it appear larger visually, so that it is not separated from a smaller breakfast area by this soffit. Sadly, my husband says I will ruin our home, so no help. Do I need any special skills to take down this soffit? I have a hammer, saws, pliers, wrenches, other tools and I'm no dummy. Realizing it will be a big mess, I clean quite well. I am 73 years old but very able. Our home is old with hidden problems inside walls but, the soffit should be safe to remove and I know where to turn off the electric. I have the will to accomplish whatever... I do not have the resources to include a photo. Once the soffit is gone, I have an island to push out into the breakfast area along with stools. Many thanks, Rosie

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