Need some second opinions on cabinet hardware

Ann Marie
by Ann Marie
I'm going to be moving into a new apartment next month and there's no hardware on the kitchen cabinets at all. The kitchen has all the usual modern amenities -- the appliances are stainless, the countertops are gray granite, the cabinets and floors are a light wood -- probably oak -- and the walls are painted a medium shade of sage green. The landlord has given permission to add knobs and/or pulls, so all I need to do is pick something out. I've been looking at a lot of hardware the last couple of weeks, and I think I'm beginning to overthink this. I've found lots of knobs that I like, but am confused about which way to go as far as color and design are concerned. I would like to put knobs on the cabinet doors and pulls in a coordinating design on the drawers. Since the kitchen is modern, my first thought was to go with a contemporary style metal knob, but I also find myself gravitating toward something different, like ceramic or glass. I like the idea of using a different design knob within the same style/color on each cabinet for a fun look. I was also thinking of using copper knobs for a mixed metals look, as you might with jewelry. So what I need from all you wonderful Hometalkers is direction/assistance/advice/opinions in deciding whether to accent the appliances, the wall color or the cabinet color.
Below are pics of some of the knobs I'm considering -- what do you think ?
q need some second opinions on cabinet hardware
I love roosters and chickens -- have had a few kitchens decorated with them, so these play into that
q need some second opinions on cabinet hardware
These (or something similar) would coordinate nicely with the wall color and offer different designs on each knob
q need some second opinions on cabinet hardware
I'm trying to stay away from white -- I think it's too much of a contrast with the stainless (and black trim on them), but I like the gray and cream on these and the silver on top. I've found similar knobs in black and white. Lots of colors available in this general design -- see others below
q need some second opinions on cabinet hardware
I thought these were very cool and unique. I would probably do a different knob on each set of cabinet doors (ie matching knob on left/right door per cabinet) and on each drawer
q need some second opinions on cabinet hardware
This image doesn't really do this knob justice -- it's a brighter metal than the photo shows. Has a matching drawer pull. I like the very modern look of this one.
q need some second opinions on cabinet hardware
This comes in several different finishes -- this is the weathered nickel. There's also a satin nickel which is a bit brighter. A matching drawer pull is available.
q need some second opinions on cabinet hardware
A different design for each set of cabinets and drawer ?
q need some second opinions on cabinet hardware
I like the bling on these ! But maybe not appropriate for a kitchen ??
q need some second opinions on cabinet hardware
Another image that doesn't quite do justice to the item. These have a brushed finish on them which you can't see very well in this photo, and they're not as shiny as they appear. I bought these pulls for a previous apartment, and was thinking of going with them again.
q need some second opinions on cabinet hardware
I love the red/olive color combination on these, it's unusual, and though red and green, doesn't look Christmas-y. My decor now is black/gray/red and I would like to carry that into the new place. These would coordinate with the wall color and I think they would look good with the wood, and also would work with what I already have.
q need some second opinions on cabinet hardware
I would probably use multiple colors of these
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  • Flipturn Flipturn on Jun 12, 2017
    Whichever knobs you eventually choose, before screwing any holes into the cabinets, be sure to make up a template ( stiff cardboard works well) first. Mark a hole on the template exactly where on the door you want the knob. Then use the template to mark the spot that you will screw into on the door. By using a template you can ensure that the placement of the knobs on every door will be the same.

    • Ann Marie Ann Marie on Jul 10, 2017
      That (the template) was something I had not thought of. Great suggestion ! Thanks so much !

  • Dpbeee2 Dpbeee2 on Jun 12, 2017
    I am partial to the chicken knobs. All Are nice but, the hue and style of the cabinets should be the deciding factor. You can return unused knobs so buy, hold up to cabinets and you will know. I Wish you the best in your new place. Decorating is fun!

    • Ann Marie Ann Marie on Jul 10, 2017
      Thanks so much ! I would have chickens all over the apartment if I could ! I try to contain myself to just the kitchen though. That may be my solution right there !

  • Pat Ruge Pat Ruge on Jun 12, 2017
    You said the landlord gave you permission to install. Did he also give you permission to remove or at least to remove and replace? I am a landlord, and normally I address these issues, so if you were my tenant, I would want to know that you will replace them, if you remove them, and I would want to know in advance, what you intend to replace them with. Without this agreement, you will be bound to leave them behind. Why, because you altered the cabinets. If you remove them without his permission, he has a right to replace them himself and deduct the cost from your deposit. PS: Get it in writing.

    I give you a heads up on this because I don't want you to be surprised down the road.

    • Ann Marie Ann Marie on Jul 10, 2017
      Hi Pat,
      Sorry for the delayed response. I haven't been getting notifications from Hometalk that my question has been commented on. The cabinets have no hardware on them at the moment, so whatever I choose to use will be the only ones to ever be on there. My boss will be my landlord, and we work closely together in a small business and get along very well, and are friends as well as employer/employee. He's a real estate investor and property owner/manager, and has been a landlord for many years. He told me to pick out whatever I like and he'll install them for me. But I know what you're saying about leaving them if/when I should move again. I put knobs in another apartment also, and left them when I moved. I assured the landlord of that wheb I asked to install them, and the maintenance guys for the complex actually did the installation so it would be done right. I would not expect to remove the knobs, since once installed, they are considered a "fixture" and must stay. I do appreciate your heads-up though ! It's a good reminder and certainly good advice !

  • Lyn15291588 Lyn15291588 on Jun 12, 2017
    I personally love the herbs! But keep in mind that you will be leaving them when you move. Knobs can add up quick to a nice sum of money. While the landlord is giving you permission you will need to leave some sort of knob there when you move out. I appreciate your need to make the style your own, but I would go with a cheaper version and decorate the room in your own style.

    • Ann Marie Ann Marie on Jul 10, 2017
      I've added knobs to apartment kitchens in the past, so I understand that they have to stay behind when I leave. And you're right about the cost -- some are quite expensive ! That will definitely be a factor in my decision. My landlord is/will be my boss, so perhaps I can talk him into pitching in for the cost ! lol

  • Anne Johnson Anne Johnson on Jun 12, 2017
    As a landlord has already pointed out you will be putting holes in cabinets and pretty well have to leave whatever you place there. Why not get inexpensive knobs. Home Depot has packages of 10 for about 25 dollars. I believe they have handles too, and while you're there you might want to pick up a plastic templates (handles and knobs) made for this very purpose. if you're hoping your landlord will pay for the hardware, this is probably your best bet. However, if you truly want something more personal the herb knobs are rather nice.

    • Ann Marie Ann Marie on Jul 10, 2017
      Hi Anne,
      My landlord will actually be the man I work for, so this makes it a bit easier. It's a small business and we work closely. He's been very good to me over the years, so I think if I asked him to split the cost of the hardware with me, I probably wouldn't get much of an argument. I don't want to be too outlandish, though, but do want a bit of my own personality to come thru in my choice. I thought those herb knobs were very cool and have several votes for those. We'll see ! And maybe I'll post a follow-up with some pics once the choice is made and the knobs are installed.

  • Love every one! I have big hands and I always go by touch and feel, can I get my fingers in the pulls without breaking my nails, are the knobs big enough and sturdy enough for long term use. And it does not need to be the same, mix it up a little, if you feel so inclined. Choose what makes you happy! And yes, use a template, makes the installation easier! Have fun!

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    • So welcome! We are all happy to help, and I agree, people come up with things you may not have considered or overlooked. We are the free set of second eyes to help people achieve their dreams and goals. Enjoy making your new place a home!

  • Kelly Kelly on Jun 12, 2017
    I like the farm animals and the metal ribbon.

  • Robin Mitchell Anduha Robin Mitchell Anduha on Jun 13, 2017
    ffaI love the roosters! And black and white matches every color. But I agree with Pat R. We are landlords also and once you install them they do become a permanent fixture to the home and must remain.

    • Ann Marie Ann Marie on Jul 10, 2017
      Hi Robin,
      I've added knobs in apartment kitchens in the past, so am aware that I have to leave them behind if/when I move. I wouldn't ever think of removing them, as much as I might like them, I know the rule about them becoming a fixture. Guess I'll have to stay in one place for a while ! lol Appreciate the advice, though ! It's a good reminder ! Thanks so much !

  • Marrianne Rudy Marrianne Rudy on Jun 14, 2017
    LOVE the herbal knobs! The color is beautiful and they're quite unique!

    • Ann Marie Ann Marie on Jul 10, 2017
      Hi Marrianne, I love those too, and I've had several votes for those. I think those are one of the top contenders. I still haven't made a final choice, though. I'll post an update and some pics when I finally make a decision and the knobs are on.

  • Flipturn Flipturn on Jul 15, 2017
    You're welcome.