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Outdated Kitchen HELP!!!!

Kendra Loftus
by Kendra Loftus
My husband and I moved into a beautiful craftsman style house that has not been taken care of in a long time. The house was built in the 1900's. I am good with the rest of the house EXECPT the kitchen. I have no clue what to do. I painted the cabinets as they were spray painted black and not very well i might add. The former residents painted one wall a dark burgandy with a faux finish (it has black in it). The floors are hideous and has mulipul layers of flooring. The counters are a white laminate with peachish colored pattern in it. The windowsill along with the rest of the trim for doors are a dark maple and beautiful. I am so lost as to what to do with this kitchen. I love the "texture" that was created on the burgandy wall but I am starting to feel as if it's too dark especially since my furniture is dark. What would you do with this kitchen? I have attaced photos to better assist you. Any advise will be greatly appreciated.
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q outdated kitchen help, home improvement, home maintenance repairs, kitchen design, painted furniture
q outdated kitchen help, home improvement, home maintenance repairs, kitchen design, painted furniture
q outdated kitchen help, home improvement, home maintenance repairs, kitchen design, painted furniture
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  • Love Digging in the Dirt Love Digging in the Dirt on Jan 06, 2014
    Depending on the budget, I would take the doors off the cabinets and paint the inside and then leave the doors off. I like the look of open cabinets. And you can get flooring relatively cheap at Lowes or Home Depot. They are pretty easy to install. And then pick some pops of color in there. I think it needs to be brightened up a bit. Good luck. Craftsman homes are amazing!

  • Burgundy dates the wall and also makes your cabinet look so dark and lost. Your cabinets need some pizzazz and this might happen with adding a backsplash that will add some color and texture. Since the trim is a beautiful maple you need to tie that in with the floors. Is your family tough on floors? Messy? Pets? For flooring you need to ask yourself these questions before you pick something that you will live with "forever". Also what flooring is off the kitchen? Depending upon budget too which can also determine what you do and your handy skills will determine how long. Are you keeping the countertops? I see you doing the room in a gray, sage, or brown to compliment the peach on the countertops and using color to guide the eye around the room. Your cabinets are blending in the room and that is part of the fizzle in the room. I also want to ask what is the lace "curtain" hiding? that is something that draws your eye and you may want rethink the fabric? Is there an island? If you had a place to put some of the things you are not using, this would make it look like you have more space too. Here I know Home Depot has a sale on glass tiles for 1/2 off and Lowe's had some markdowns here too which I know a lot of them come from corporate so you may have good clearance sales there too. Do not pick wild colors or something that will not go with any future changes in your taste. First take a section of the kitchen and start there so you are not overwhelmed with the whole project. I would start on a backsplash idea and do that. Then paint the walls. Flooring will take a weekend and with the new click in place and floating floors it is so easy to DIY. check out my kitchen and others who have posted on here. Take pics and get lots of paint samples to put on all walls because light changes color in paint. If you have more pics that would be great too. A craftsman house is about wood and not painting the trim and having hardwood floors throughout. You are lucky to have a house with such charm.

  • Therese C Therese C on Jan 06, 2014
    I think one of the first things I would consider doing, would be to put down self stick artificial wood floor in light Maple. Then, because you have a very large open ceiling, is to buy 'copper colored' aluminum foil, crumble it up and hand smooth it out. Glue these strips onto the ceiling and build black painted, cheap 1x1 framing across the foil from wall to wall to create a faux pressed copper tin ceiling. The copper will wake up and warm the kitchen away from the dark colder look. The copper will work well with the burgundy wall if you decide to keep it. Finally, I would paint the upper cupboards a French Vanilla white, and the lowers a rustic grey-ish green, or coffee tan. For your counters the answer came very easy to be....apply a coat of Kilz primer to them and hand paint them into faux marble in cream, tan, and coffee brown with a copper threading through them.. I noticed your baker's rack in the last photo and you could also spray paint that copper to tie the kitchen all together. Well, there is my idea. Wished I lived closer, I would love to come over and do it for you! This is one of my passions.

  • Jane Seaver Jane Seaver on Jan 06, 2014
    Debra Todd has the right idea for flooring. We have used Lowes faux wood and faux slate flooring and they look tremendous. They were the cheapest thing they had and you lay them like linoleum tiles.

  • Vinyl flooring is a very inexpensive option and it is so easy to install. PLUS, it looks like you spent a fortune on it and is very durable. The previously made comments are right on target!

  • Jo P Jo P on Jan 06, 2014
    paint all walls a very light color. and cabinets just a shade darker... but floors..omg gotta rip all that off and either slate or travertine . or wood or wood look laminate on them... would complement your furniture , beadboard is cheap and looks great on backsplash too

    • Cor32419347 Cor32419347 on Aug 04, 2020

      I love your idea. I agree the floor must be cohesive and if replaced it must be the same throughout.

  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Jan 07, 2014
    You do need to take up all these layers of flooring. Then you can float out the base floor with a think plyboard if it is so scarred! Look at that "paper bag" floors I keep seeing here on HT. I love it! And keep in mind that if walls are damaged, texture paint is wonderful!

    • Beth Beth on Jan 08, 2014
      @Jeanette S My friend did the paper bag floor, and it looks marvelous, was easy enough, and looks quite durable.

  • The Rozy Home The Rozy Home on Jan 08, 2014
    hi there! I think there are a few things you need to ask yourself. First, is this your forever house or home for now. With that in mind, set your budget. Vinyl flooring is fine in the short term, but a hard substance would be better long term. Also, are you wanting to keep In the tradition of the home or make it more modern. Next, what is your color palette in the rest of the house? I'm happy to give advice, but without knowing these things it's just a shot in the dark :-)

  • Diana Diana on Jan 08, 2014
    Before you buy flooring solve the wall issue first.Totally paint that burgandy wall, depending on what was used to create the texture it will remain. I would paint the door too (the side that opens in the kitchen) that will give you a blended look. Too many colors chop a room up and you won't have a flow going. Any of the suggestions on the flooring will work. I'd also paint the counters using Therese's idea. You did say you painted the cabinets but didn't say what color they are (pic's are dark).

  • Cyndi Moore Tippett Cyndi Moore Tippett on Jan 08, 2014
    I would start with picking out your favorite wall color. My choice would be a light to medium apple green. Then pick a color for the cabinets. I did a white top with chocolate brown for the bottom with brushed nickel nobs. If you like your hardware but don't like the color you can always spray paint them (after cleaning). Then I would pick out a floating wood laminate flooring to match the wood trim. You could also buy small molding to put a design on the doors, such as a "picture frame" look. We also put a small molding around the bottom, nailed to the front, of our cabinets to dress them up a bit. The flooring should not set you back a bunch because you can get some nice wood laminate flooring for less than a dollar a square foot. Tile is another option, which might be a little tedious but has good results.

  • Carol Stewart Carol Stewart on Jan 08, 2014
    Call the man.

  • Sandie S Sandie S on Jan 08, 2014
    I would paint the walls a fav color/ and then add trim pieces to the cabinets and new knobs..... then paint them again white with good paint.....maybe a couple with window doors or remove a few doors.....then I would choose some laminate flooring either wood plank or ceramic look tiles ............

  • Michele L Michele L on Jan 08, 2014
    under all the lino is there possibly original hardwoods. try an out of the way place and peel it back. original hardwood is awesome in an old craftsman.

  • Tile or use real hardwood. The cabinets should be painted and replace the top cabinet doors for ones with glass. Replace all hardware. Go with a lighter color on walls, will make the room appear larger also add an island to give you more workspace.

  • Susan H Susan H on Jan 08, 2014
    Because of the age of the home, I would not remove the flooring as it will most likely have some layers that contain asbestos. Just add a thin subflooring before you add your new floor.

  • Marry Gebhardt Butler Marry Gebhardt Butler on Jan 08, 2014
    I would start with a brighter paint on all walls and a contrasting color on the cabinets. If you are keeping cabinet doors, new hardware! Then I would put a low maintenance type of wood flooring in, there are many colors and you can now find the type that is easy to install and not too expensive. One idea for the cupboard doors is to cut a square out of them and affix some kind of metal like chicken wire or other style of open mesh metal to the inside of doors. I have seen this in pictures and it looks really sharp!

  • Tina Tina on Jan 08, 2014
    The cabinets can be re-finished or painted over.And they're probably solid wood! And the flooring- did you check to see if you have hardwoods under all the other flooring?

  • Sharon H Sharon H on Jan 08, 2014
    Is there some reason the ceiling is so low? If at all possible, thats where I would start because that room need some more height

    • Linda Linda on Jan 08, 2014
      @Sharon H if the ceiling is 8 ft. above the floor, it is within code within most counties. In an older home this is good heat wise.

  • Lisa B Lisa B on Jan 08, 2014
    If you are staying in the house for a long time, you will never regret hardwood floors. New vinyl for a short term stay. New cabinet doors and hardware for the long term. New paint and cabinet hardware for the short term. Quartz or Granite countertops, a cabinet over the refrigerator would also be a big help. It all depends on your budget and how long you plan to stay.

  • Max Cady Max Cady on Jan 08, 2014
    Tear out first. Prime whatever needs primed. Paint that dining area a tan, shade lighter than your kitchen. Like Bead board also, paint color of kitchen. Take off cabinet doors and hardware, there is a product in hardware stores that you can put on cabinets so you don't have to sand.Do bottom cabinets a chocolate brown. After applying and dry, paint! I think the vinyl stick down look like hard wood is great flooring. Looks great.

  • Smi249845 Smi249845 on Jan 08, 2014
    I would paint the cabinets, the walls, get new handles, maybe a new faucet and maybe concrete floors. I saw someone paint them and they were beautiful. Good luck I love craftman style homes.

    • Nora C Nora C on Jan 08, 2014
      @Smia How can you say that about concrete floors when you have no idea whether the floor joists could support that?

  • Linda B Linda B on Jan 08, 2014
    Other than the colors I like the kitchen. The first thing I would do is put down some wood lamenant flooring. And paint over that dark wall. I myself love green so I would put light green in there. Also, repaint the cupboards. Maybe put glass in the ones where dishes will go.

  • Diy Design Fanatic Diy Design Fanatic on Jan 08, 2014
    I would start by painting the whole kitchen a nice light neutral color in an eggshell finish. What you do with the rest of the kitchen depends on how big of a budget you have.

  • Cyndi Cyndi on Jan 08, 2014
    I would reface yr cabinet doors with wainscoting and frame the wainscoting and refresh your white paint replace floors and I would paint that wall a light color--castlepath from home depot is a very nice color

  • Bernice P Bernice P on Jan 08, 2014
    We also bought an old house like that and the kitchen was a mess, it took us along time to get to it but we put in pergo style flooring and tore out the cabnets and put in ones we ordered from Lowes and new counter tops, we used wall over paper on the walls, (they were lath and plaster) and painted, put in everything in stainless, even the light fictures and its beautiful, we get compliments all the time on it, it did not cost us more than $8000.

  • Kathy Henke Kathy Henke on Jan 08, 2014
    My husband would say pull that floor up and look underneath to make sure there are no surprises in there - like plumbing and electric lines that may need to be repaired BEFORE laying new underlayment and then new flooring. We found this out the hard way when we restored my daughter's old kitchen. What a mess that turned out to be.

  • Cyndi Cyndi on Jan 08, 2014
    I would reface yr cabinet doors with wainscoting and frame the wainscoting and refresh your white paint replace floors and I would paint that wall a light color--castlepath from home depot is a very nice color

  • Cyndi Cyndi on Jan 08, 2014
    I would reface yr cabinet doors with wainscoting and frame the wainscoting and refresh your white paint replace floors and I would paint that wall a light color--castlepath from home depot is a very nice color

  • Cyndi Cyndi on Jan 08, 2014
    I would reface yr cabinet doors with wainscoting and frame the wainscoting and refresh your white paint replace floors and I would paint that wall a light color--castlepath from home depot is a very nice color

  • Cyndi Cyndi on Jan 08, 2014
    I would reface yr cabinet doors with wainscoting and frame the wainscoting and refresh your white paint replace floors and I would paint that wall a light color--castlepath from home depot is a very nice color

  • Brenda De Lair Brenda De Lair on Jan 08, 2014
    Paint the walls and cupboards in historic colours. New hardware on the cupboards that reflect craftsman style (if you can't afford new knobs, spray paint what you have black). You definitely need a new floor. I don't know what your budget is, but please stay away from peel and stick tiles. You won't be happy. There are good affordable options in laminates and vinyl flooring that are attractive, easy to install and easily maintained. Subway tiles are a good affordable option for back splash too. It will be hard work, but it will be so worth it. Show us a picture when you are done. We would love to see how you made out.

    • Brenda De Lair Brenda De Lair on Jan 08, 2014
      @Brenda De Lair I just noticed that you already painted the cupboards. Sorry about that. I do feel that you need to alter the hardware some how. I also wonder what that little curtain under the counter is hiding. I would consider a fabric with more substance and colour. You could then carry that onto your window coverings and even place mats or table cloth. I couldn't afford a counter in our house for a long time so I painted mine to look like marble. You can buy kits to do that now and it honestly does make a huge difference and is quite durable. Good luck.

  • Starr Starr on Jan 08, 2014
    Lots of good help here. Please post pictures when finished.

  • Brenda Cantrell Brenda Cantrell on Jan 08, 2014
    tear up the flooring ......there are stick on tiles that look like oak flooring. whatever you decide on flooring will change the appearance of room. think of your kitchen as a new a theme ....mine is roosters and hen, there a lots of theme,

  • Brenda Cantrell Brenda Cantrell on Jan 08, 2014
    don't paint the big cabinet love the green

  • Patty W Patty W on Jan 08, 2014
    Depends on budget and if you have a formal dining area. THinking a nice distressed taupe paint job on the cabinets maybe adding an island. Can't tell if there is room. Also wood floors. Saw on rehab show where she took old lumber and nailed it down and stained it and it looked fabulous in the older home. Good if you can't spring for expensive wood floors. Personally if you can I would go bamboo since it is more eco friendly. A stand alone old dresser could be topped with matching granite if you are going to redo counter tops

  • Karen Rossman Clark Karen Rossman Clark on Jan 08, 2014
    Your kitchen reminds me of mine! I have better cupboards but I urgently need to update space to work better for me. Here is my dining space that looks JUST like yours. I recently painted out the sideboard and shelves and now to expand those colors to the rest of the kitchen. I would love a window seat with bay window surrounded with cookbook shelves. I am going to follow this post so I can glean more ideas for myself. Thxs.

  • Michelle Nevers-Grow Michelle Nevers-Grow on Jan 08, 2014
    Gutting it comes to mind, LOL - but, if the cupboards are solid, repaint, add some trim and new hardware. Replace the flooring - if there is cement underneath and you need and inexpensive fix you could paint it; with or without a pattern - lots of ideas for that on line. Good luck!

  • Kimberly Snead-Rose Kimberly Snead-Rose on Jan 08, 2014
    really depends on the look you're going for. A suggestion for the cabinets, if you want to make it feel open, might I suggest looking around for small windows that are the same size as your cabinet doors...of course you would have to paint the trim but it would work for an old house that you may want to keep to it tradition. Butcher block counter tops are cheaper, you do have to properly maintain, as with any real wood; it needs to be sealed. I do not suggest wood on kitchen floors as water and wood are not compatible. I would go with a vinyl or ceramic tile flooring.

  • Judy Hooker Judy Hooker on Jan 08, 2014
    Paint the china cabinet with some white chalk paint

  • Jerry M Jerry M on Jan 08, 2014
    needs a lot more light

  • Sam Sam on Jan 08, 2014
    Take out the flooring, mud defects in walls, sand and kiltz white for now, later can decide on color. Leave cabinets until can afford to replace. Kiltz everything white, it's clean and calming. Chalk paint your dining table and hutch white or light beige. Declutter as much as possible, leaving large items or small appliances on counters. Decide on a theme and a few colors and try to stay with it. Black and white or beige are always a clean safe bet to mix with a few colors. You can go online to learn how to do most anything. The more you do the more you save. Just remember to do a professional job and take your time or you will not be pleased with your work. Good luck!

    • Karen Rossman Clark Karen Rossman Clark on Jan 10, 2014
      @Sam3 Kiltz works wonders making it less necessary to sand anything! I vote for Kiltz every time. I used it on furniture I recently painted and always use it on cupboards that have lots of use and easy to ding up.

  • Greedith B Greedith B on Jan 08, 2014
    Looks like you have a country feel going on. Pick your colors that you want to use and build from there. If you are working on a tight budget there are still plenty of great things you can do. On your Burgundy wall I think I would go 3.5 ft up with bead board. We redid a mobile home for our son and used a bright white bead board paneling then top that with trim to match your Maple that you love already. Laminate on the floor is nice. Don't go too cheap on that because some of the cheap stuff is not durable at all. I think I would darken up the cabinets using a coordinating color maybe a tad darker than what you put on the walls. And I think I would replace and possibly remove some of the upper cabinet doors. The possibilities are endless. Just have fun doing it and by all means post some pics for us to see!!

  • Dana Corby Dana Corby on Jan 08, 2014
    While you wouldn't want to replicate one of those inefficient old kitchens, you do want your new design -- unlike this kluge -- to go with the rest of the house. So before I did anything else, I would go to the library and look up books and magazines of original Craftsman interiors -- there's a lot of material available. Cabinet styles, paint choices & flooring, even the kind of curtains you put up, can go a long way towards making your 'neoCraftsman' kitchen a success. And while you're at it, you may also get ideas for other interior spaces that will bring your old gem of a house back to life.

  • Carolyn Hobbs Carolyn Hobbs on Jan 08, 2014
    paint top cabinets a light color and bottom dark...replace cabinet knobs with updated ones...replace curtain on cabinet with cabinet door...pick a light airy color for walls...and don't be afraid to paint furniture ....paint is a wonderful way to make a change in your decor...

  • Sherry Harvey Sherry Harvey on Jan 08, 2014
    First of all, is taht terrazzo floors underneath the ugly linoleum? If so, see if that can be salvaged, i.e., polished back to its original beauty. Then put granite countertops with new sink and faucet, These three things alone will make it look like a totally different kitchen. If it were mine, I would look for some of the new vintage looking appliances to put in it, too.

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    • Rosann Joubert Muller Rosann Joubert Muller on Jan 08, 2014
      @ I would restore the wood floor if they are in good shape, and agree with Corolyn Hobbs about painting the wallsand cabinets like she said

  • Kathy Smith Kathy Smith on Jan 08, 2014
    I have a nedw kitchen because of it was rotten out and i live in a moble moble your always fixing something ,,I have the back splash is in crayon and re faced the cabinets in nature maple and put tile on the floor it makie loo greeat , with the crayon back splash and the new 9 foot counter top makes the kiutchen lok huge ..I love it

  • Melissa LaTour Melissa LaTour on Jan 08, 2014
    Gut it. Just start over with wide-plank wood floors in a dark color, new white cabinets in a style that goes with the house, marble counter tops, period sink, period looking-light fixtures. Historically authentic paint colors (on the light side though, nothing too dark) and consider putting in a window or french doors somewhere as it looks like you need some more natural light. Have fun!

  • Diana Hendricks Diana Hendricks on Jan 08, 2014
    I would take up the flooring first. If the subfloor is in decent shape maybe you could sand and stain it. Lots of hard work, but very little money. You can also do some cheap stuff to the cabinet doors. Maybe cut some 1by to picture frame each door and repaint?

  • Terri Wardell Terri Wardell on Jan 08, 2014
    Since you have two photos of the floor which shows places where the old linoleum could become a hazard. I would start by ripping it out if I could, check the sub floor. Safety first. Painting and stenciling can really ramp up a style or just give you something you can live with that will not drive you nuts until you can afford to do what you want to. I might stencil a nice design on the cabinet doors but would definitely pick a more cheerful color for the feature wall that would compliment that beautiful hutch you have.

  • Kathy Smith Kathy Smith on Jan 08, 2014
    sorry for the double letters have nails on my fingess and they are driving me nuts I hit different keys plz excuse thanks

  • Nikki G Nikki G on Jan 08, 2014
    just get started. rip up that flooring. You will become inspired as you go. You have to know what y ou have before you can decide what to do. definitely paint that wall.

  • Lee S Lee S on Jan 08, 2014
    concentrate your money on the floor...lighten the rest up with paint ...go tonal and keep everything in the same family to make it appear larger.....if possible do a new counter top .maintain your craftsman integrity changes look much better when original architecture is honored.

  • Teri Teri on Jan 08, 2014
    If you like the texture on the burgundy wall, but not the color, choose a color palate you want to use throughout the kitchen/dining area and paint the wall with the lighter color, and sponge the darker color over it. Lots of tutorials on the internet, and it's not a difficult technique. Not very authentic to the craftsman period, but if you like it, go for it!

  • Susan Y Susan Y on Jan 08, 2014
    Need to know how much you have to work with. Not much, if cabinets are in good shape paint I would try to put old looking countertops in wood floors or slate watch Rehab Addict

  • Cathy B Cathy B on Jan 08, 2014
    Unify the furniture and the cabinets by painting everything a soft neutral color, the cabinets one or two shades deeper than the furniture. Paint the walls with medium rich color for contrast - maybe an artichoke green or sky blue. Replace the flooring or repair and paint the existing floor, or remove completely and paint concrete or sub floors. Add new lighting and hardware in a matching metal finish. Be sure to add electrical outlets and pot lights is needed wherever possible. All this is time consuming but inexpensive. Even appliances can be painted to refresh them. Then, once you have it where you can live in it, let your budget determine where and how fast you approach anything major that is still needed.

  • I love the old kitchen cabinets..Do you think you could save them? You could have them painted out so cute. It's a shame to rip out the old stuff. That is what makes the house what it is...

  • Susan Y Susan Y on Jan 08, 2014
    Change knobs in kitchen Yeah paint the wall. Can you afford new furniture Your furniture looks country You could always paint some of your furniture

  • Lynne Heller Lynne Heller on Jan 08, 2014
    Start with the floor. Tear up the linoleum and sand and paint and seal the subfloor (plywood). Move the hutch to a wall with a lighter color behind it or paint over the maroon wall if it's too big to move. A light wall behind it will make the hutch stand out. I would NOT paint the hutch, you will ruin it. Paint the wall behind the kitchen counters a darker color for contrast. Those three things will drastically (and cheaply) transform the room then you can work on other things slowly as you can afford it.

  • Annette C Annette C on Jan 08, 2014
    I've been reading your comments; I am curious as well as to what is under the linoleum, if the older tiles under are in tact they may show a ware pattern & may be a loss (mine where) but they are very easy to pop up if applied to cement, if you have a pier beam (like I do now) you may have a nice wood floor under there just waiting to be restored. Either way, if you prepped the floor while you chose your style it would make a big impact on how you view your project. I agree on hard ware can give cabinets & drawers a style all by them selves, run a search on drawer pulls & you will see what I mean. I've even seen cut wood yard trimmings used as pulls for a dresser & empty spools of thread in a craft room. If your satisfied with the general shape & condition of the cabinets, you can add trims & moldings to the existing doors & drawers to give it a different look as well. And Lastly I have been seeing a lot being done with Brown Paper Bags. they are using them instead of tile, on floors and counters. I've even seen this new product made of paper to resemble tiles. (wish I knew how to add links, do a search on this sight for paper bag floors) Good luck & have fun with it It's your imagination in full bloom ;)

  • Leah Johnson Leah Johnson on Jan 08, 2014
    You have a problem, that will take lots of time and probably money to correct. go at it slowly, get your ideas on paper, use color swatches and dream about it.. My kitchen was after many hours of tho't perfect I tho't.. Well, when my hubby was dying in the hospital and I was there with him 24/7 one of my daughters decided it was not to her taste-(she is married and has 7 kids) so she painted the cabinets (they were a beautiful Walnut wood) and she didnt like the off white paneling so she painted it white and then put a dark green linoleium tile around behind the cabinets and painted the cabinets forest green with a softer green doors.. UGLY>> first off my kitchen is only 8 by 12 and not much floor space in fact between the cabinets and refrig.. -stove there is only about 3 ft floor.. she put down a beige berber carpet and litterally made the room a nitemare as far as I am concerned... I hate being in there.. I loved my Walnut cabinets... and the off white walls, now everything is some form of green... please take time and a lot of tho't to find the right combination especially since it is an old house (mine was built in 1880) and the colors and floor plan sure do make a difference...good luck...

  • Lorraine Lorraine on Jan 08, 2014
    I grew up in an Arts and Crafts home - specifically what they call a Denver Block, brick, square and very simple lines - a complete style reversal from the very ornate Victorian. My grandparents had the house built and it was passed on to my father and that is where we lived. The kitchen cabinets look to be original to the house- they are what our cabinets looked like in our kitchen before my dad remodeled. Arts and Crafts has clean lines, 5" baseboards and wood floors - the floors in your kitchen might be wood but whatever you do tear that lino out and see what is underneath. The colors of that period were earthy - soft greens, tans and yellows, cabinet hardware - if there was any - sleek and lighting fixtures were usually stained glass. If you are trying to restore the house then I would Google Arts and Crafts or Craftsmen style kitchens - If you can't replace the cabinets then I would purchase new doors for the existing ones and try and add some glass to some of those doors. Lowes and Home Depot as well as the paint companies have lots of information about the colors that were popular during that era and I have seen some beautiful stencils on the internet that are specifically for Arts and Crafts - if you are into that thing. There was no stainless steel - sorry - remember we hadn't gotten to that era yet. The burgundy wall is way too dark and I would lighten that and then check into having the china cabinet built into the wall - even partially and if you can strip and stain it to match t whatever you do to the cabinets then you will have a smooth transition. I don't know where the door in the left hand corner of the room goes but I would seriously consider replacing that with a swinging door - and wood - solid - 5 panel. Can't think of anything else right now - but if I do I will pass it along. Good luck and have fun with the project.

  • Bonnie Powers Stopa Bonnie Powers Stopa on Jan 08, 2014
    Paint ceiling, paint walls a neutral color, paint cupboards and put updated handles on them, new counter tops, rip up linoleum and put hardwood floors in and pot lights in kitchen. I'd also update your baseboards. VOILA, you've got a brand new kitchen. :) Good luck and be sure to share some photos with us when you're done.

  • Terra Gazelle Terra Gazelle on Jan 08, 2014
    Stay in the era of the house with the modern amenities, of course. Stand alone cabinets , open shelves, hardwood floors..I would use laminate ( they really are better at taking harder wear. Beadboard backsplash would be nice and so much to granite counters.. use copper or butcher block. Granite has to be sealed every 6 months or so or they will stain. And they are really high priced. You can use the gorgeous edison lights that are out...large pantry cabinets for your food stuffs will leave you room for a more modern clean look while still having the 1900's touches. Good luck..let us see the finished kitchen..

  • Jasmin Jasmin on Jan 08, 2014
    I bought a house where the original owners badly spray painted the home made cabinets an ugly beige color & put gold handles. We were on a budget so my husband & I sanded all wood work & painted all the cabinets bright white. We changed all the hardware to Crome & bought a large bright white sink. Our appliances are white so it all flowed really nicely. We then painted the walls a nice bright color. Our kitchen was very similar to yours. Paint makes a big difference. I would tear up the floors & either paint them or buy tiles or hard wood floors. If the floors are safe, I would start by refinishing the cabinets. Hope this helps :)

  • William Hahn William Hahn on Jan 08, 2014
    Start with a favorite thing or must have and build around that and add to it. IMO your surroundings are an expression of WHO YOU ARE. So start by looking at yourself for the item, thing or look you love most.

  • Jasmin Jasmin on Jan 08, 2014
    I just noticed your counter tops are white. If you like color, I have also painted my cabinets a butter yellow & people loved it :) white countertops are awesome because you can choose any color you like. Again, I love paint & bright colors.

  • Kristine Kristine on Jan 08, 2014
    Are those "Youngstown" metal cabinets? If they are and you are replacing them let me know. Would love to get a hold of a corner base cabinet!

  • Sandy Johnson Sandy Johnson on Jan 08, 2014
    Reclaimed wood floors, remove top cabinets and put in shelves, paint the hutch a lighter color, paint all the walls a neutral color,pick a bright color to pop out in your decor, build or buy a farm house table and get mix match chairs

  • Ann Gervais Ann Gervais on Jan 08, 2014
    I had kitchen cabinets exactly like yours. We had them stripped, sanded, stained and replaced the hardware on it and it looked a million times better. Maybe try that?

  • Amy Merriam Amy Merriam on Jan 08, 2014
    That floor would be a nightmare to rip out...not to mention that the old linoleum can have asbestos in it. It would be much easier (and safer) to just put a nice floor over what is there. Paint the cabinets, the furniture, and the walls in lighter, complimentary colors and add a tile back splash for some WOW factor and POP of color. (Search on-line for can find GREAT deals!)

  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Jan 08, 2014
    I would start with the floor. get rid of the linoleum. I agree if it is terrazzo and can be saved.. The floors need to be white w/ a splash of color to brighten the room. You need light colors top and bottom to maximize light. I would add track lighting along the top of the wall in pic #4. to add light into the room. 4 lights set to use just 1&3 or all 4 depending on how much light is needed. I like the faux wall but not combined w/ the dark china hutch. paint the wall or if you like the wall then consider re-staining the hutch a lighter stain or even paint it a light & bright color. Now, the kitchen cabinets!!! They are big square sore thumbs on the wall. Consider painting the doors a bright primary color. You need lighting under the cabinets to brighten the counter top and prep area. I see white cabinets, red, yellow and blue cabinet doors w/ white pulls. The floor can be painted or tiled white with various size red, yellow and blue circles. My suggestions are for a quick inexpensive fix to bring color and light into the area. That gives you a better frame of mind in which to make more permanent and expensive solutions. good luck!

  • Amy Walsh Amy Walsh on Jan 08, 2014
    Take up that horrible floor and put wood floors in the kind that looks worn if you can afford or go with the flooring that looks like wood. Cabinets would change to some of them with glass doors and some that are just shelves. Maybe an old time stove for cooking back from that time period. The Farm table and mix match chairs someone said is a good one. Neutral walls and a red flower or flowers would pop out color. Any bright color flowers are always good so you don't have to keep painting something. Change the lighting also. Take your time check out yard sales for old country items if your going that way. Check for old magazines or google things to get ideas good luck.

  • Sharon H Sharon H on Jan 08, 2014
    It must just look low because of the cupboards right up tight to it. That's what mine do too and it drives me nuts

    • See 2 previous
    • Kendra Loftus Kendra Loftus on Jan 11, 2014
      @Terra Gazelle I don't have much room on the walls unfortunately. Plus my pots and pans are all cast iron and really heavy so a pot rack is probably not going to happen

  • Patricia Hoch Patricia Hoch on Jan 08, 2014
    we bought 1920 old home neded much up dateing also,had old congolinm found beautiful oak flooring.!pull up your flooring see whats underneath! figure out from there.paint is the cheapest way on walls.Cabnets figure that out as u go.I was very lucky that my husband is a carpenter,I lv to paint!!!!!Good luck in your adventure in your new home!!!!

  • Judy Manning Judy Manning on Jan 08, 2014
    I designed the home my husband and I built and it took me 4 years but it was good enough to impress the architect who did my blue prints and he didn't change one thing. I moved to my son's after my husband died 6 years later, but that home was my dream home and I would not change anything if I were to build it again. A kitchen especially is a woman's domain in most cases and most are designed by men who have no clue as to how they should be designed. I kept everything in neutral colors and added color through the accessories I used (curtains, chair covers, light fixtures, etc. I shopped for the best buys on commercial flooring (holds up much better and is sold through over stock and discount places), My best advise to you would be to take your time, research every detail until you have the colors and design YOU want. Make it a kitchen that you will love for a lifetime.

    • Rebecca Rebecca on Jan 08, 2014
      @Judy Manning I am sorry for you loss. Your story is touching. Gob Bless. <3

  • Floyd Floyd on Jan 08, 2014
    as a carpenter, I see a total remodel. Tear out everything and start from scratch, new laminate floor or real wood maybe bamboo. get some new cabinets, you can get them at Lowes or Ikea, put some paint sample up, or maybe stone or tile.....if it's craftsman you may wants some beams or fancy wood on a wall.....Good luck, wish I was there to help!!

  • Susan Cross Susan Cross on Jan 08, 2014
    Change the flooring and countertops. Paint the cabinets. If you know a faux finisher you could have your cabinets wood grained to any desired type of wood.

  • Tija Tija on Jan 08, 2014
    if you cant afford reclaimed wood floors the new luxury vinyl planks off some of the best reclaimed looks without the hefty price tag

    • Terra Gazelle Terra Gazelle on Jan 11, 2014
      @Tija There is also ceramic tile that looks like wide wood planks..I almost chose for my floor, they come in all colors and really would last a life time.

  • Martha C Martha C on Jan 08, 2014
    l bought a circa 1933 house with its original kitchen- what a nightmare!! You at least seem to have some usable cabinets. I would remove the cabinet doors & have open shelving. The undercounted skirt is great! Rip up the floor to the floorboards & paint them. At least you'd have a livable kitchen until you're able to gut it & make it what you really want! Good luck!

    • Terra Gazelle Terra Gazelle on Jan 11, 2014
      @Martha C I have a small studio that I redid.. I was on a really tight budget. I used plywood on the floor, sanded it smooth and painted it. You can paint it a neutral color and use a stencil...use porch paint and seal it with three coats of outdoor poly or what they use on boats. I did mine about 4 years ago and it still looks like the day I finished with it.

  • Karan F Karan F on Jan 08, 2014
    I would begin with removing the vinyl off the floor, if the underneath has wood planking and it's good and solid I would sand taking off the dirt and grime. Then finish it with a good natural wax finish. Then address the cabinets since you have repainted them, I would remove doors from the upper cabinets and leave them off as I love open shelving. I think you would be surprised how much more open and lighter it will seem. Maybe even paint a lighter highlighting color in the back of those open cabinets. Then I would replace the counter tops with wood matching the same color as the window trim. This would just be a good start.

  • JhanJan Marie JhanJan Marie on Jan 08, 2014
    I agree with AMY about the flooring...please, please check it, it isn't common to have the floor checked for asbestos on home inspections...for your own safety before you do anything with the floor have it tested...if u cover it up you will prob need to use a barrier. If you rip it out without knowing if it is asbestos you are exposing your whole family. Better to be safe now before you start.

    • Esther McRae Esther McRae on Jan 08, 2014
      @JhanJan Marie If it is impregnated with asbestos wetting it will prevent the fibers from becoming airborne. The airborne fibers are the danger because they can be inhaled.

  • Leslie Parker Leslie Parker on Jan 08, 2014
    if you want to keep the integrity of the craftsman era home, get the book Bungalow Kitchens" and refer to the different levels of restoration you can afford. we chose to keep the 30's-40-s era cabinets, installed new neutral formica counters, a REAL linoleum floor (the biggest expense). we removed five layers of vinyl, two subfloors, and left the original linoleum. new sink, removed soffits, lots of paint and elbow grease. we had a $6,000. budget, not much. we're in our sixties, have done this before. making it efficient was the goal. not quite done but a great space! a subway tile backsplash will tie it all together. let the next owners drop the big $$$.

  • Lanell Dupuy Lanell Dupuy on Jan 08, 2014
    take the flooring out--you might find wood floors underneath that just need some sanding & staining! - if any of the layers of flooring is in bad condition then get laminated wood flooring or the new vinyl tile that looks like ceramic tile but isn't and easier to clean! i would paint the cabinets a pretty robin's egg blue and then paint your countertop if you can't afford to replace it with a new top.Paint your kitchen and dining room in a light brown --it will complement the blue cabinets and whatever color you paint the countertops! if you don't want blue cabinets then pain/staint them in whatever is your favorite color! any color or stain but the white!

  • Brenda Morse Brenda Morse on Jan 08, 2014
    If you like the burgundy color incorporate the pinkish and burgundy color together. Meaning a coordinated window topper and a center piece for your table along with your cabinet cover. By all means remove all the old layered flooring and add a fresh new complimentary laminate through out both areas then you add area rugs to match the burgundy and pinkish color you might want to consider an olive green color to give it a triangle of color like your door color and placemats for your table. Paint all your other walls a antique white....

  • Kendra Loftus Kendra Loftus on Jan 08, 2014
    Thank you all for the advise!! My husband and I will eventually rip out the floors (after we get them inspected) and take them down to the original wood floors. The rest of the house aside from the living room has the original wood floors and they are stunning. For now I am painting the cabinets a lighter color and painting over the burgandy wall. I have already refinished the countertops....well still working on them. I am also creating a vintage tile backsplash for behind the stove in an aged white color. I will also eventually remove some of the upper cabinet doors and put in some dowels so I can stand my plates on end. After years of living with an all white home/apartments I refuse to have white in my house except for the bathroom. I will post pics when I'm done. Thank you all again!!

    • See 1 previous
    • Brenda De Lair Brenda De Lair on Jan 09, 2014
      @Kendra Loftus Your plans sound wonderful! I hope you have a wonderful life in your new home and many years of good meals in your kitchen.

  • Tammy M Tammy M on Jan 08, 2014
    I like the red wall. I think it is beautiful. If the other walls weren't such a light color, it wouldn't stand out quite so much. If it were me. I would add some trim to the cabinet doors to add character and depth. paint the cabinets a beautiful cream color and antique along the edges. paint the kitchen walls a lovely light yellow. If you don't like the deep red wall, maybe a lighter red would suit you better. pull up floor and replace with hardwood or maybe hardwood laminate. Countertops should be black. May be a faux granite.

  • Jessica Ivan Jessica Ivan on Jan 08, 2014
    get new doors for your cabinets (Ikea has beautiful stuff for decent $) and redo those floors! you can even expand the kitchen with all that extra dining space!!!

  • Pepsigirl13 Pepsigirl13 on Jan 08, 2014
    I'd remove everything that isn't fastened to the walls, and then rip up the flooring, down to whatever is underneath. with luck, it's hard wood that's salvageable, if not perhaps you can paint it. Consider removing top cabinets, and put up some open shelves, and paint bottoms a color you love. if new countertop isn't in current budget, paint that too.

  • Deb Deb on Jan 08, 2014
    Boy , I hope you got this house real cheep ! That needs a tptal rehab.

  • Ann McNattin Ann McNattin on Jan 08, 2014
    It looks like a very spacious kitchen, which is always nice, and gives you more options. What's your budget? New flooring and new cupboard doors would make a difference if funds are tight; otherwise, it might be fun to completely gut it and start from studs and plaster. Is there any way to add a window? The pictures look dark, and a naturally lit kitchen can be so welcoming.

  • Maria Salazar-Jaramillo Maria Salazar-Jaramillo on Jan 08, 2014
    I would do the rehab addicts approach! try to reuse everything. remove all the vinyl, refinish the floor. sand and reconfigure cabinets. Possibly put glass instead of wood panel doors. or remove doors altogether. Make it as classic and timeless just like the rest of your home!!!!!

  • Valeria Blackburn Valeria Blackburn on Jan 08, 2014
    As others have said, rip out the flooring and fix up the wood floor underneath, either sand and stain or paint if it's in bad shape. I don't like the burgundy wall, I think it makes the kitchen dark. There are all sorts of products on the market that will spruce up your kitchen without spending a fortune. There is a textured wallpaper that looks like beadboard and is paintable. Perhaps cover the burgundy wall with this. You could also put it on the backsplash between your cabinets, or even on the cabinet doors themselves. Switching out the hardware on the cabinets is another option. There are painting kits to paint your countertops that duplicate granite or other finishes. Or you could opt for look-alike butcher block countertops that can be made easily and cheaply. Do a search on this site for how to's. You could also paint your furniture a light color or white. Maybe a fun accent color like pale turquoise. Add some fabric in a print you like. A sink skirt, chair cushions, a tablecloth. Take off some of the upper cabinet doors for open cabinets. Paint the inside of the cabinet an accent color or use the beadboard wallpaper inside. You could also take off some of the lower cabinet doors and place baskets inside for storage. There are many things which can be done to update your kitchen without spending a lot, it just takes some time, elbow grease and creativity. Do a search on Pinterest, this site and blogs for tons of DIY ideas and inspiration. Here are some links to some of the ideas I mentioned. Butcher block countertops and lots of other good ideas on this blog: Another blog with butcher block: This chalk painted countertop is cute too: Here is a blog using the beadboard wallpaper on cabinets (google it and tons of photos using this product will come up) Here are some cute painted tables and chairs, one is almost just like yours: Cabinets with some of the doors removed: (scroll down to Miss Bonnie's Home) Good luck with your redo's and keep us posted! :)

  • Patricia Cleveland Patricia Cleveland on Jan 08, 2014
    Yes, it looks like it has beautiful "bones" - just have to get down to them in places! (floor etc.) Have you already repainted the red wall? Otherwise I would suggested a light color over it (faux-finish) with maybe some crackle to let the burgundy show through in places.

  • Carol Frien Carol Frien on Jan 08, 2014
    If the flooring is glued down and hard to remove you could put Allure Plank Vinyl Flooring on top-easy to install. It looks like wood. My daughter applied faux tin ceiling squares over her celotex ceiling squares and painted them. Looks great. Also, we put beadboard looking paneling for a backsplash and polyurethaned it well to resist water. It would fit the style of your house. And I love to use "old-fashioned" looking material for under the sink and to hide small appliances.

  • Krickette Krickette on Jan 08, 2014
    Watch the show 'Rehab Addict' on HGTV, Nicole Curtis redoes old period home all the time and she Always takes each house back to the Era that it was built and her homes are Spectacular. Even better, she does it on a strict budget.

  • Linda O'Brien Linda O'Brien on Jan 08, 2014
    I am betting the linoleum is asbestos, don't disturb it but cover over it. I am not fond of dark rooms especially in winter so I would brighten everything up with white. I even painted my really dark black and red brick fireplace white. I'd shabby up the kitchen as it lend itself to that style, maybe adding some trim to the cabinets. The least expensive top is butcher block for counters if you replace. Where I'd splurge is lighting, proper lighting will help so much! Cute house!

    • Mindy J Mindy J on Jan 08, 2014
      @Linda O'Brien Not the linoleum. Had the same and even older in my home which was built in 1874. There were 7 layers and no...I had no beautiful wood floor at the bottom :( although the rest of the house does have the original wood. I went with a decent linoleum as I was on a SEVERE budget. Had everything tested and only asbestos was found wrapped around some pipes from old boiler in basement. And the fireproof "board" that surrounded the boiler.

  • Nancy Hooven Nancy Hooven on Jan 08, 2014
    are the cabinets wood or metal? if they are wood they can be refaced and look like new. if you cant do the floors the way you want right now and just need a cover up they make peel and stick tiles that work well.

  • Rhonda L Rhonda L on Jan 08, 2014
    We live in a 1926 Craftsman. One of the rooms had carpet in it and we pulled all the carpeting up that was down but the floor in this particular room was really damaged and we didn't have the money to refinish it so we put wood laminate on top of it, for the time being. The room looks 100% better. My point being, if you can replace your floor first off that will probably totally change the look of that room.

  • Sandy Bendick Sandy Bendick on Jan 08, 2014
    You could sand your cabinet fronts, or use formbes paint stripper which is allot easier. Add a 1 inch molding on the outside of each cabinet door so it looks like a picture frame. You can use different styles of hardware and pulls for your cabinets and drawers. Because your room is large. You could pick 2 contrasting colors. There is a product called Giani Granite Counter top paint kit. Its 70 bucks and covers 35 sq feet. It can take a really old counter top and make it look amazing in a few days. You blend the colors you want to use and it has a protective seal so your counter stays bacteria free and remains beautiful.

  • Sherry Stives Fry Sherry Stives Fry on Jan 08, 2014
    If it were my house I would redo the floor. Change the hardware on the cabinets, but DON'T change the cabinets, they are probably solid wood! If you don't like the color of them repaint. And I would put in new countertops and paint the walls in the kitchen area a warmer color to meld better w/red wall (LOVE red wall).

  • Kim Dagenais Kim Dagenais on Jan 08, 2014
    Hi Kendra I would add wood framing to your kitchen cabinets, so they are more of a Shaker Style. I have included a link: Houzz is the best site I have ever gone to for home ideas. If you have never gone to this site, you should check it out. You can register and create your own files to save ideas per room etc. Anyway I just love that site. If it was my kitchen/dining room, I would then update the hardware handles to something silver/stainless in colour. You are right about the paint colour being too dark. I would definitely paint all the walls (primer first), an off white to light beige. Since you have alot of dark furniture, the lighter paint colour would complement your furniture better. An accent wall would be good, but just one wall. If you do paint the kitchen/dining room a lighter colour I would cover the floor with a light to medium laminate flooring. (Where the cushion flooring is missing in some spots, I would just use some press down cushion floor tile to fill in the gaps. You can buy it per each tile which is super cheap). This is the cheapest flooring idea, but if you have more of a budget I would definitely remove all the flooring, add a new layer of sub-flooring and tile the whole floor. This might be a little time consuming and more expensive, but will definitely add value to your home. I would also change the countertop so the colour would go with the rest of the colours you choose. Granite would be nice, but there are many other cheaper countertops out there that would look very nice as well. Can't wait to see the changes you decide on. I am going to be doing my kitchen in the near future too. We bought large dark brown rectangular ceramic tiles months ago on sale, but my husband said we have to do the cupboards,backsplash, and countertops first, and then tile. Can't wait to get started.

  • Karen Daniel Karen Daniel on Jan 08, 2014
    first the floor! Then...depending on budget...paint cabinets and add new hardware...or, new cabinet doors. Then new countertop and sink. That will make a huge difference!!!

  • Lori Lori on Jan 08, 2014
    I've always wanted a craftsman style house!! Love their details..

  • Candace Henson Candace Henson on Jan 08, 2014
    I would repaint the kitchen cabinets and add new hardware for now. That would make a big difference and either remove the floor covering and try to use the wood under it, or put a new floor covering down. Your cabinets appear to be wood so I would try to salvage them. Then I would put in a new countertop of your choice. I would surely repaint the burgundy wall to a lighter color to lighten the room. The kitchen is a good size and you have an adequate amount of cabinets. If you turn your dining room table the other way, would you have enough room for a small island or worktable? Good Luck!

  • Cheri H Cheri H on Jan 08, 2014
    You may have a diamond in the ruff under a lot of that! If the house was built back in the 1900's you may have hardwood floors underneath all the top flooring, you will have to pull it up anyway, so keep your fingers crossed. The cabinets could be well made, I would maybe put some trim on them and change out the pulls. Did you think about stripping them? Counter tops can now be an easy fix with paint, or tile. I'm all for painting the dark walls a light color to have some contrast with the dark furniture. Don't throw any thing out until you find it's no good or can't be repurposed. Good luck!

    • See 1 previous
    • Susan H Susan H on Jan 09, 2014
      @Cheri H Because of the age of the home, some of the vinyl flooring most likely contains asbestos. You should never pull up asbestos backed flooring on your own, but should have it done by a licensed asbestos removal company.

  • Carla Carla on Jan 08, 2014
    refinish the cabinets in an almond color with a black wash (to antique); butcher block countertops (to stay in the era of the home) and handscraped wood flooring. I couldn't tell about space, but an island would look great also

  • Aimee Hartnett-Neal Aimee Hartnett-Neal on Jan 08, 2014
    Belfast sink would be a great addition for a bit of spark. I agree with most of the above. The floor will have the biggest impact, then the counter and re-facing the cabinets. The dark wall can be lightened by wall treatments, white plates, etc.

  • Sue Hollis Sue Hollis on Jan 08, 2014
    Wow! @Kendra Loftus What a great job you did on those cabinets! It's hard to believe they were ever black spray painted! I hope after you get below those layers of flooring you find wood floors that can be salvaged. Look at it as a treasure hunt! I agree with you about the red and the dark wood of your furniture. With your furniture in mind, I think a French Country or farmhouse decor with light hues of your favorite colours on the walls would be very pretty. Scour Hometalk and other idea centers, forget color that everyone else is doing! Please use the colors that make YOU (and your wonderful husband) happy!!! 2014 - THE YEAR for inner happiness!

  • Bernadine M Bernadine M on Jan 08, 2014
    Top floor looks like mine from the late 70's so no asbestos with that layer...If it's original paint on the cabinets that could be asbestos. Have it tested or cover it up.

  • JeDonne M JeDonne M on Jan 08, 2014
    My 1923 Craftsman kitchen had very short countertops, original sink, cupboards (one even had a very rusty built in flour sifter. The linoleum was one piece, not glued down, unfinished oak floors underneath. I removed all cabinets, put in upper shelves and base cabinets from Lowes. Then painted. It's amazing what paint can do. The one thing we learned in redoing our home was that before anything could be pretty or functional, it first had to be a BIG mess. Good luck!

  • Evelyn Evelyn on Jan 08, 2014
    Paint it all white, throw a kitchen carpet on the floor until you can/want to redo it, and go with the campiness of it. That's what I would do. Actually, when I could afford it, I might install upper cabinet doors with glass in them. Might not, too, coz I like the look now (with a paint update).

  • Ellen B Ellen B on Jan 08, 2014
    wainscoting and tin celiling with wide plank pine floor

    • Betty Brady Betty Brady on Jan 08, 2014
      @Ellen B Such a wonderful suggestion! A patterned tin ceiling would look absolutely breathtaking here. Add the wainscoting and a wide plank floor and it will be to die for!

  • PJ Peddie PJ Peddie on Jan 08, 2014
    If it were my house I would redo the floor checkered black and white hollywood style ....spray paint table chairs black or add an island instead ....paint cabinets and walls white = add wood framing to your kitchen cabinets as Kim suggested

  • Julie Birt-Thueson Julie Birt-Thueson on Jan 08, 2014
    I agree about the flooring. Search for hardwood under the existing flooring and if none, use a laminate. There us a paint you can use on countertops that can be very striking. I would do the floors and paint the cabinets first, then take the time to scour salvage yards and thrift stores for period pieces. You will have to sand the cabinet doors before painting. The trick to sanding, when you think you have sanded enough sand some more.

  • Kathleen Turner Kathleen Turner on Jan 08, 2014
    in my humble opinion, I agree with the others: paint & flooring. If you love the texture on the wall, keep it & paint over. Maybe lace (crocheted) tablecloth or placemats...Then as you are able, pick up other accessories antique or reproductions...look for ideas to decorate...Wooden flooring would be nice, or stone/brick looking tiles....old looking fixtures for the sink? countertops can be painted too somehow(look up on line) Good luck & post updates for us that can't .....

  • Donna Tracey Donna Tracey on Jan 08, 2014
    there is a glazing technique, 3step for the cabinets that make them look brand new, new countertop and flooring may be hardwood to refinish, new knobs for cabinets. good luck

  • Suzanne Lockhart Suzanne Lockhart on Jan 08, 2014
    If you are doing an inexpensive makeover and not a total remodel my suggestion is to break up the solid and block look of the cabinets. You could take off a door on the single open cabinets and do a shelf. Cut out the cabinet door and add a punched tin or how about chicken wire on the top cabinets and punched tin on the bottom cabinets and new hardware. I am sure once you pull up that flooring you will know your solution. I am very interested in cork floor products for kitchen floors for all the standing I saw it done on TV and it was very pretty not sure of the cost. Good luck and please share when you are done would love to see an after picture.

    • Wendy Cook Wendy Cook on Jan 09, 2014
      @Suzanne Lockhart I was thinking the same thing. Either glass window look or open shelf--just something.

  • Janet Sutter Janet Sutter on Jan 08, 2014
    Make sure that the flooring doesn't have asbestos in it!!

  • Tina B Tina B on Jan 08, 2014
    We used "spice bamboo" hardwood flooring for our counter them! Did them a couple of yrs ago and they are holding up great...

    • Annette C Annette C on Jan 10, 2014
      @Tina B Cute kitchen, love how you used the products in different ways. I've seen a big trend in using flooring for industrial counters & bars, they hold up great & are water proof.

  • Christi Smith Christi Smith on Jan 08, 2014
    Paint the cabinets black and change the door knobs and handles. Backsplash and flooring. It will change the whole look and not cost an arm and a leg.

    • Elizabeth Elizabeth on Jan 08, 2014
      @Christi Smith Um, the cabinets were black. She repainted them, b/c they were too dark.

  • Cindy Magee Cindy Magee on Jan 08, 2014
    Looks like a total gut job to me. Before gutting it though and if you have a local craigslist location then I would scour it for materials and collect as many as the items as your can before tearing out the old kitchen. You can get some amazing materials at CHEAP prices!

    • Terra Gazelle Terra Gazelle on Mar 11, 2015
      @Cindy Magee Love Craigslist.My son found beautiful ceramic tile,electrical wiring, conduit, sheetrock, windows,doors, wood flooring at a pittance of the price in the big box stores. He's completely remodeling an old house that was built out of solid oak. Honest..a man built this house out of oak...It is two story and built like a bunker. He could never have even tried this without the help of craigs list. I bought a beautifl huge brass chandelier for 10.00. New it was 700.00. All I needed to do was take some brasso to it. Craig's List is one of my surfing places each day.

    What fun! I would definitely repaint the burgundy wall and look for the hardwood. I would be almost certain it is there!!! I read a long time ago that you can paint it white and then the room will eventually tell you what color it needs. I know that sounds whacky but I have a 1920's bungalow style and that's what I did and it worked!

    • Terra Gazelle Terra Gazelle on Mar 11, 2015
      @JAnASTEWARTSCHARNBERG I bet there is wood under that vinyl...and white washed would be gorgeous.

  • Sue Deyo Sue Deyo on Jan 08, 2014
    White is back. Stainless is now going out. Working with developers in design.If you cannot afford new cabinets. Repaint. Get a roughter and create a raised panel. Painting white. Change hardware. Tile is out on counters. I would find an inexpensive replacement. Stay in the whites and grays. Floor 12 x12 white tile. Counter grays. Round knobs on shelves and open with glass doors is in too. they do have counter marbalizing. Gray tones would blend nice with the white.

  • Ann Brownlee Ann Brownlee on Jan 08, 2014
    Whatever you decide to do make sure you put some under-counter lights in that dark corner.

  • Betty Brady Betty Brady on Jan 08, 2014
    Rip off all that old flooring, there may be a beautiful solid wood floor underneath. Like was stated in another post, a tin ceiling and wainscoting would be beautiful. I do believe the burgundy is way to dark, especially for an eat in kitchen. However bad it is, you have one up on me. My kitchen is micro size, dark and there is no way to expand, either up or out.

  • Cecilia Davidson Cecilia Davidson on Jan 08, 2014
    Be sure to watch HGTV's Rehab Addict, she restores so many Craftsman homes and especially the kitchens. Hopefully original wood flooring is underneath. Good luck!

  • Luc280802 Luc280802 on Jan 08, 2014
    It depends on your budget but if that linoleum that is under the old one is decent I would try to take up the brown stuff and leave it I love that speckled look! It looks cool and very retro I would paint the cabinets darker color such as slate gray add new hardware could add bead board as a backsplash, paint it like a light gray then doing something to the counters if you have the money spend it on granite or quartz or you could paint it just don't know how great that would hold up or just gut the whole thing and start over that's what I did about a year ago and love it!

  • Jo Dee Bradley Jo Dee Bradley on Jan 08, 2014
    The first thing I would do is add some lighting inside the top cabinets take the doors off sand them down cut out two elongated openings in each door then ad glass. I would paint the cabinets a rich chocolate/ or black and distress with adding a touch of shabby sheik to the exposing some of the wood even dry brush-in with a touch of red. Then I would do a stainless Steele back splash or nickel. I would change the light fixtures out utilizing something from a swap meet or salvage yard something fun like old milk buckets or lantern etc. That same salvage yard or a restaurant supply might have a stainless Steele work table instead of an island locate some stool metal or wood and metal there you go a island that is not quite and island. Paint the top of the walls a Believable Buff Sw6120 Sherwin Williams then the bottoms sw6124 cardboard do a chair rail in antique white same color chart and then let the pine or maple door trim to stand for themselves. Counter tops use either wood or glass and concrete mixed. Your floor use a wider hand scraped board that is in likeness to the door trim or find an old barn someone want torn down use these for your flooring sand and stain the same as the door trim. See if you can locate really old flatware/silverware assorted patterns have them (handles) bent/drilled center of spoons and on end of spoons use these for cabinet pulls and the folks also. This will help to pull the back splash/stainless steel table seating together add black or stainless Steele appliances. This should give it a lift in color but yet with keeping the craftsman style/colors with just a slite twist of the unexpected. Hope this helps.

  • Lenore Bush Lenore Bush on Jan 08, 2014
    I'd see if you could find some reclaimed wood like from a barn to redo the floors if you don't find wood underneath all the linoleum. Test it out in a corner and just cut about 1 linoleum square tile out. Exact knife should work.

  • Lenore Bush Lenore Bush on Jan 08, 2014
    I'm fond of a light bright kitchen. White yellow and sage green for walls and cabinets. You might think about leaving a couple of shelves without doors on if you like that look. Another idea if you like bright red in the kitchen would be to do a 50's retro look.

  • Wendy Cook Wendy Cook on Jan 09, 2014
    Are you trying to keep it to the style that the house was built? Or are you wanting to make it more modern? For a more modern look, take all the paint off of cabinets and go with blonde wood stain with sleek nickel long handles to open cabinets. Also, to add to same modern style, adhere magnetic strip to one of the doors to hold cooking knives & other cooking instruments.

  • Elaine W Elaine W on Jan 09, 2014
    Gut the Kitchen. It is a lot of work but it has to be done. Nothing in the photos are period correct. I would rip up the floor, gut the cabinets and counter. Keep the sink if it is in good condition. Start with the floor 1st. Good luck

  • Pat Fraking Pat Fraking on Jan 09, 2014
    I would start with the floor first just to see what is under that vinyl. That may give you more ideas and inspiration for the rest of the project. I am too old and lazy now to gut the entire kitchen, but if you decide to do this, draft out a layout for the new kitchen based on what you want and what your family needs. I like yellow for my kitchen, but it needs to be a color that YOU like and can enjoy. You seem to have a big project ahead, but you have a ton of wonderful potential and a lot of space here. Good luck with this and please show us your end results when it is complete.

  • Jacki Ortmann Jacki Ortmann on Jan 09, 2014
    Do you have a Habitat for Humanity ReStore??? See what you buy on the cheap there if you have one, otherwise, painting everything white and using color to highlight...the wall that is burgundy is way too dark....if you put in new counter tops, you will not believe the can buy counter tops at Lowes in the length you need or you can have them made....We had our's done at Lowe's and our's made a huge kitchen is big, so I painted the whole kitchen white and our floor, we put in wood laminate, which is dark to match the cabinets....the nickel knobs that we put on the cabinets made a huge difference...our one granddaughter thought we got new The floor has to be changed, Is there wood floors underneath??? Kind of looks like it might be...if they have been painted, you could do a checkerboard pattern on them....lots of ideas...

  • Ardith P. Ardith P. on Jan 09, 2014
    If the cabinets are still good, I would repaint them and put on new hardware, as someone said prior. I would consider new countertops and new tile unless there is hardwood floor. Beautiful.

  • Felicity Woodruffe Felicity Woodruffe on Jan 09, 2014
    Dont look at it intially as a whole project get some paper and a pen and make seperate lists such as easy to do things that you can manage such as sanding and repainting furniture, putting in mirrors or light reflecting surfaces these will help to bounce some light around the room as it seems fairly dark. Now draw your room including door openings and windows noting if they open into or out of the room.Measure the furniture you want to keep and decide where it should be placed cut out small paper pieces to represent the items you are keeping and place on your plan.these can be moved around as your ideas develop Lift a section of your flooring to see what is underneath and note there may be several layers so keep going until you find the original floor then decide what it is and what you want to do with it. check out on line for some really fun funky ways to light your ceiling as someone said i think you can use upturned stainless steel waste paper office type buckets as lamp shades these look great or Ikea do some good lighting, as for under the cupboards if cost is an issue buy some stick on led lights on line, super cheap, in England we have a pound store and you get 3 or 4 lights for one pound this is 1.6 put a small battery in the back of each light it lasts a long time giving a silvery blue glow. Make a mood board adding pictures from magazines, photos scraps of fabric or wood or feathers whatever you like.this will help you decide what colours, textures and style you like and if it will suit your may find you end up liking something you would not have considered previously. If your floor is concrete you could paint it and add some colourful rugs perhaps some lovely homemade ones from old clothes and scrap fabrics to add a personal touch,make some wallhangings too from the same fabrics just weave them loosely onto a few sticks with threads tied to the bottom of each stick as the stick fills to the top with the weaving push it down the stick onto the strings stop when the required length is met and tie off the ends. use chains to hang kitchen utensils and pans from the ceiling. prioritise always what must be done what can be done and what can wait til your budget allows for change.ask friends family neighbours for ideas suggestions or thoughts and ask them to be really honest.Personally this space is so dark painting the walls a light colour and putting pretty voile panel hangings in the window will lift the room tremendously.An injection of colour soft fruity pastels would be pretty creams pale blues and creamy yellows and soft greens maybe for cushions and table dressings good luck

  • Christi Smith Christi Smith on Jan 09, 2014
    No wonder the kitchen still looks dated. White cabinets make it look even more so. Maybe gray would have been a better choice.

    • Kendra Loftus Kendra Loftus on Jan 11, 2014
      @Christi Smith It's a bad picture. The cabinets are not white, They are a cream color and actually look darker in person

  • Crystal N Crystal N on Jan 09, 2014
    Select your flooring first, I'd go with tile. It is an immediate thing that needs addressing. Use the colors in your tile to match the cabinets you will have to paint. Make sure the tile is a light color! Maybe a swirly beige, white, gold. Definitely paint cabinets another color, maybe a weathered cream or glazed or the chalk paint, not bright white. I like a sage green on the walls because it goes great with just about every color accent you want. So you'll have to put Kilz on walls first. If you cannot afford new countertops, just wait til later.

  • Donna Yongue Donna Yongue on Jan 09, 2014
    Good morning!! I would replace those floors with wood plank flooring, or mixes of different floorings that you can pick up at great prices from all home stores. The cabinets are wood? am assuming....I would strip off and repaint or stain if the surface paint isnt too overbearing and can be sanded off without harming what is underneath.....Add some lighting in the corners under the cabinets and replace hardware with glass picker uppers at yard sales, estates, or even $ store .......into the dining area def wood planks floors and dressy bold color on walls with lots of lighting and a mirror or two to make larger effect. This has potential gonna be a final pic whatever your choices!

  • Jean DeSavage Jean DeSavage on Jan 09, 2014
    Budget is the main constraints in what you can do! One person suggested going to Habitat for Humanity Restore, which is a great idea. You can get great things for wonderful prices and it helps others in the process. Depending on your budget, and on how determined you are to restore the original look of the kitchen, you could also check out salvage stores, they may have the type of hardware you want for the doors, lighting, etc. I totally agree with the person who said to draw it up on paper. Use graph paper, and measure everything. I usually use 4 squares to the foot, it's easier to divvy up for your inches in measurements. Make sure you mark exactly where doors are, and don't forget to mark where windows and outlets are. Make paper templates that are done on graph paper for accuracy in size of all your furniture and the cabinets, appliances, etc. Then, if you can afford to strip the kitchen and redo the cabinets, you can accurately redesign your space for the way you live and cook. Do you prefer a closer galley type kitchen or a more spacious one with an island or penninsula? These are the things to get figured out before starting. The other thing I always do is to make a list of what I really want in the room, and then a list of what I don't want in a room. Getting your ideas clarified will greatly cut down on cost as you don't end up doing things you will ultimately dislike. As far as colors, since the kitchen is one of the rooms we are in a lot, be sure to choose a color you absolutely love, one you can live with, that makes you feel good. From my reading, and experience, orange is a color that tends to create tension and can cause arguments, not conducive to pleasant family meals. I also suggest using Pinterest to make a board with pins of kitchens you love, and items and colors you want in your room. I realize this sounds like it might take forever, but being thorough now will ultimately save you money and a lot of time not having to redo things. One last suggestion, depending on your budget, you might want to hire a kitchen designer just for a consultation, to help you figure out what is feasible and what is not. It can be the best money spent. Good luck and I sure hope to see what you end up deciding to do. When you do your scale drawing, put it up here so we can check it out!

  • Rosemary N Rosemary N on Jan 09, 2014
    I'd put tile on the floors, strip & repaint cabinets if you can't afford to replace them, put new handles on the cabinets (something more "craftsman" like). Paint them with a color found in nature that coordinates with your new flooring.

  • Donna Jordan Nelson Donna Jordan Nelson on Jan 09, 2014
    I think I would put trim around the cabinet doors and make them look shaker style and some paint and new hardware. If you can't afford new granite counter top they now have some pretty cool formica. I would install hardwood floors if there isn't any under the linolem.

  • Cathy Lothamer Cathy Lothamer on Jan 09, 2014
    I would not bother to strip those cabinets....they are made to be painted and probably made of fir. Getting down to the floor under all that is good advise, if you have wood, strip that and refinish. New Counter tops and paint would go a long way towards updating this kitchen. I hope you show us all your finished project....looks like fun to me!

    • Patricia S Patricia S on Jan 10, 2014
      @Cathy Lothamer My parents moved into a house in 1956 with fir cabinets, and all she did to it was linseed oil. They were Beautiful!

  • Jodi Stevens Jodi Stevens on Jan 09, 2014
    start with clean first,then top down,so when u get to the floor u wo't damage. i would stay in budget look around for scrach an dent producys, 2nd hand restore, build your dream kitchen in 1900 style.

  • Patricia S Patricia S on Jan 10, 2014

    • See 2 previous
    • Terra Gazelle Terra Gazelle on Mar 11, 2015
      I think that kitchen would be so nice as a modern farmhouse. Paint the walls light and the floors would be beautiful in that porcelain tile that looks like wood...paint the cabinets..have some open shelves...I love granite, but could not afford them in my kitchen, they would have been the extent of what I could have new in my I got laminate counters and a granite sink which I love!. Its a super single and gorgeous. I have had stainless steel for years and am sick of not being able to keep them nice and clean. The tradition is Light floors, Light walls..dark counter..or visa versa. You can get faux tin ceiling tiles...they are so nice and can cover pop corn ceilings or any damaged ceilings. Bead board back splash that fits in with the age of the house... Oh it is so exciting to plan any remodel...what do you like and what would suit your family. Good luck and let us know how it turns out...

  • I just finished my 1920's kitchen. It was a disaster also. I KEPT all of my cabinets but I painted them crisp, high gloss white, had glass put in all of the doors. It already had a very old butcher block counter top. I am NOT a fan of granite. It already had the original glass knobs. I also purchased a farm sink from Ikea. We did ALOT more to it BUT the cost wasn't much. Just a lot of work! Good Luck!

  • Diana Hendricks Diana Hendricks on Jan 10, 2014
    We did that in our kitchen and it really changed the look to what I saw in my minds eye. I say we, but luckily I have a very handy husband who can't paint worth a flip. He builds, I paint.

  • Lynda R. Lynda R. on Jan 11, 2014
    Careful with that floor! It probably contains asbestos. The pros will come in a pour a self-leveling concrete mix and then lay a new floor. Paint the cabinets after you choose your ne flooring.

  • Terra Gazelle Terra Gazelle on Jan 11, 2014
    ah...I have to put mine under a set of cabinets and when i put the cabinets up they will be about 5 inches higher then the old ones. I have cast iron also..they come from my grandmother and I love them..but for everyday I have the stainless steel.

  • Tina Plumstead Tina Plumstead on Jan 11, 2014
    Definitely agree on getting that floor done. Strip all that old flooring out and find out exactly whats under it, there could be beautiful original hardwood floors. We moved into an 1180's former B&B and we sanded and refinished the floors ourselves. Turned out beautiful. Next, if you want to "lighten" the cabinets, you could always remove some of those doors and have open shelving. We had NO kitchen in our house and we searched garage sale sites on FB and found a set for $200 (retail $1400) and picked up some FREE ones and my husband built one. Since the ones we bought were black, I painted some of the others black as well, you can't even tell the difference. When I'm done they all will be black. We found solid wood doors in the garage and I turned one into an island. I placed it on an $18 sideboard/buffet I found. The others we cut and turned into counter tops. So far we have spent maybe $300 on everything; cabinets, paint, etc. We had sealer & stain already. If you want to check it out go to:

  • Colleen Colleen on Jan 11, 2014
    I agree with getting the floor done first. Determine if the floor is worth refinishing or replacing, then move onto cabinets and countertop. Kitchens can become very costly no matter what the budget. Good Luck.

  • We just did new linoleum from the Habitat ReStore for $4. It was a small room but so GREAT! I would highly recommend going there on a regular basis cause ours changes all the time. And if you like something get it.

  • Patricia Van Vactor Patricia Van Vactor on Jan 16, 2014
    Look Craigslist and Ebay Classifieds look at local cabinet stores for scrack and dents

  • Jeanne Jeanne on Jun 02, 2014
    Hi Kendra! Congratulations on your craftsman home! Well, I think I would start with possibly painting all the walls a cohesive color maybe something cool with grey undertones to really make your darker furniture pop!! Maybe a Behr: castle path, or Sherwin Willilams: coastal villa. Next move to flooring. You will be so happy you do. It doesn't look like too large of space possibly try your hands at laying hardwood or laminate wood flooring which is a floating floor over the existing!? Next great idea to paint the cabinetry, but removing a few of the doors for display on your cabinets may open up the area as well. Paint the insides of cabinetry and display your dishes in neat stacks. Changing hardware is a simple upgrade as well. Good luck!!

  • Kathy Smith Kathy Smith on Jun 03, 2014
    we rebuilt our kitchen cause it was a reck , we put crayon formica on the walls , and refaced the the cabinets with natural maple and it realy looks great.. and the floor we used Amrmstrong peel n stick tile .......... you have to use special glue to make the tile stay ........ it great .. you might want to try something like that or go get it all completeded ... there are many ways you can do a kiitchen to make it look great