Updating with a gas range: slide in or stand alone?

Patty A
by Patty A
i am slowly updating my 80s kitchen and am buying a stainless gas range (very soon as my old electric one just gave me a shock and is sitting unpowered at the moment!) . All of the pics of kitchens I like: white cabinets, country- eclectic, etc, show a slide in model with no top where the clock usually goes. These units are over a thousand more just for the lack of a 'built in backsplash"! So , my question is this: as I will be selling in under 5 yrs, is the slide in range a necessity to create a truly modern update? If you check out most kitchen pics you will see that it is rare to show the clunkier version. Also: I like white cabinets and currently have white appliances, incl. a new fridge.Sshould I switch to stainless to create this modern look? Is there a way to cover my Kenmore fridge and dishwasher with stainless? It does not have a conversion kit available .
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  • Jane Burkhart Jane Burkhart on Jul 14, 2013
    Since you will be selling again in years, I would a regular gas range, no slide in. Slide-ins are expensive. White is makaing a comeback, but it is always what you feel. Dishwasher covers are available and yours may be reversible. As for the refrigerator, I would ask if there is one. Hope thi shelps.

  • Lynette Taylor Lynette Taylor on Jul 14, 2013
    I love white appliances! We recently sold our house, which had white appliances, and it sold in 4 days for more than we had hoped! No one quibbled about the white appliances. My humble opinion is that I wouldn't change to stainless, or spend the extra $ for the expensive range unless you love it and want to enjoy it before you sell. Mostly I would recommend keeping all appliances the same finish.

  • Kimberly Barney Kimberly Barney on Jul 15, 2013
    My husband and I own an income property business. We always put white appliances in the income properties and have had no problem renting any of them. We also sold our residence a year ago which had white appliances and have white appliances in our current residence. White appliances are classic and do not require the special care of stainless steel appliances. There are kits out there to transform your appliances to stainless steel but I have not seen any reviews as to how they work. I am skeptical about the kits, though. If you plan to sell your home in five years and have a new white refrigerator, I would simply purchase a nice white stove. If you want to offer an upgrade, purchase one with a confection oven. We have installed an above the stove microwave/vent system in all of our income properties and the tenants seem to really appreciate that upgrade.