White tile floor and kitchen counter top.

by Jw
Bought house with whte ceramic tile floor (kind-of Rock looking, not shiny) and countertop is 6x6 version of same tile. Could live with tile but hate the grout! Any suggestions welcome! Paint it, stain it, cover with another product???? Just don't think can afford removal. Thanks. LOVE HOMETALK!
  4 answers
  • Lora Lora on Jun 16, 2017
    If it's just the grout that bothers you check at a local tile store and see what they suggest to change the color.

  • Theresa Estopare Theresa Estopare on Jun 16, 2017
    I would consider putting a concrete countertop over it.

  • SandyG SandyG on Jun 16, 2017
    Grout can be stained. Check at local hardware or tile store for products.

  • Adam Eng Adam Eng on Jun 20, 2017
    you can remove the grout and pick a different color to make the tile look like a whole new design.. its amazing what a change in grout color will do to the look of tile