Add lighting under your cabinets

A great way to add some modding lighting with just a few supplies and steps! Get tutorial here

Refresh your countertops with paint

If you have laminate countertops, you don’t need to replace them for a new look. Get tutorial here

Use textured wallpaper for a cool backsplash

This is easy and will cost you the fraction of a tiled backsplash. Get tutorial here

Or imitate subway tile with paint

If you have painting skills, you can try this for a lot less than actual subway tile. Get tutorial here

Cover the glass doors with window film

If you don’t want to see your dishes all the time, window film is a classy way to cover them up. Get tutorial here

Update your boring appliance with paint

This Kitchen Aid got a whole new ‘do, and it was just with a bit of paint. Get tutorial here

Add some style with a funky wine rack

Rustic? Bohemian? You decide with this stylish piece of useful decor. Get tutorial here

Or grab some wood and build your own

Drill some holes in this standing wine rack for a cool look. Get tutorial here

Wrap your cabinets in bright fabric

Okay, so it’s prone to messes, but the overall effect is pretty cool. Get tutorial here

Make a clever wire basket mail station

Who knew a $5 cleaning caddy could make your home so organized? Get tutorial here

Create a rustic chic mason jar wall art

Your kitchen will look all pretty and charming with this on the wall. Get tutorial here

Or this incredible HOME shelf

Imagine walking into your kitchen and seeing this sign. Isn’t that homey? Get tutorial here

Dress up your knobs with pretty patterns

Buy some cheap wood knobs, Mod Podge them with paper, and voila! Get tutorial here

Or place pretty paper in glass knobs

Whatever the style, this small update makes a big impact in the kitchen. Get tutorial here

Give your floor a new look with contact paper

It might not work for high-traffic areas, but it might work for that tiny spot in the corner. Get tutorial here

Add a floor design with a painted canvas

This patterned design is like having a waterproof rug on your kitchen floor. Get tutorial here

Install some wallpaper to transform the room

Wallpaper is a great way to add design and style without breaking the bank. Get tutorial here

Add a pretty pattern to your fridge shelves

Your fridge will look newly upgraded, and you can take them off whenever you feel it’s gotten old. Get tutorial here

Revive your countertop with contact paper

Replace that yucky laminate countertop without actually doing any work. Get tutorial here

Take off the cabinet doors for open shelving

You’ll get rid of the cabinet door problem altogether and never have to paint anything. Get tutorial here

Or add a small portable kitchen island

You can stow it away, bring it out, and even take it with you around the kitchen. Get tutorial here

Stain your cabinets with a gel

It’s similar to painting, but you’re really just bring out the natural wood, and it’s harder to mess up. Get tutorial here

Or add some art to your cabinets

Granted, this DIYer skillfully painted her, but you can do the same thing with a stencil. Get tutorial here

Make a faux tile backsplash with paint

Use tape to to create lines and start painting away! Get tutorial here

Build a tiered tray countertop space saver

All you need are some frames and candlestick holders to make this awesome tiered tray. Get tutorial here

Give your fridge an adorable makeover

Add your own personal touch and brighten up your kitchen! Get tutorial here

Create some super funky steampunk coasters

Just another cool thing you can make using a mason jar lid. Get tutorial here

Transform your dishwasher with paint

Don't let your appliance stick out like a sore thumb, give it the makeover it deserves! Get tutorial here