This mesmerizing kitchen facelift

It inspired everyone to paint their own kitchen cabinets this year. Get tutorial here

This decorated snowflake chandelier

Everyone was pinning this for Christmas, and their kitchen chandelier looked amazing. Get tutorial here

This brilliant rotating utensil holder

It saves counter space and gives you access to your spatula. No wonder we can’t stop pinning it! Get tutorial here

This clever wire basket mail station

Who knew a $5 cleaning caddy could make your home so organized? Get tutorial here

This incredible rust cleaning hack

I would never have thought of using coke to clean, but it actually works! Get tutorial here

This rustic chic mason jar wall art

Your kitchen will look all pretty and charming with this on the wall. Get tutorial here

Or this incredible HOME shelf

Imagine walking into your kitchen and seeing this sign. Isn’t that homey? Get tutorial here

This inspiring kitchen cabinet transformation

If there was one pin that made us rethink our kitchen cabinet color this year, it was this one. Get tutorial here

This insanely easy eco oven cleaner

This became our go-to cleaning spray for everything in our kitchen (and home). Get tutorial here

This brilliant toilet paper phone stand

You’ll never get your phone dirty again while cooking. Get tutorial here

These super funky steampunk coasters

Just another cool thing you can make using a mason jar lid. Get tutorial here

This clever way to clean your stove hood

With this pin, 2016 looks like the year of the clean kitchens. Get tutorial here

This impressive IKEA kitchen makeover

It’s so impressive, we can’t stop looking at it. Get tutorial here

This simple island kitchen upgrade

No more builder-grade kitchen islands, we’re totally upgrading ours. Get tutorial here

This tiered tray countertop space saver

All you need are some frames and candlestick holders to make this awesome tiered tray. Get tutorial here

This burnt pot cleaning hack

Let’s just say this came to our rescue after numerous cooking attempts this year. Get tutorial here