Cover the glass doors with window film

If you don’t want to see your dishes all the time, window film is a classy way to cover them up. (Sassy Townhouse Living Get tutorial here

Install some molding on the top

You might have to match the color to your cabinets, but trust us when we say it will look amazing. Get tutorial here

Add some trim for an easy upgrade

You’re cabinets will look so classy and high-end with this simple idea. Get tutorial here

Cover them with pretty contact paper

This is a brilliant and simple (and cheap) way to get a new look. Get tutorial here

Take off the doors for open shelving

You’ll get rid of the cabinet door problem altogether and never have to paint anything. Get tutorial here

Stain your cabinets with a gel

It’s similar to painting, but you’re really just bring out the natural wood, and it’s harder to mess up. (Vintage Refine Get tutorial here

Install creative and colorful knobs

Even this small detail can totally change the way your cabinets look. Get tutorial here

Add some art to your cabinets

Granted, this DIYer skillfully painted her, but you can do the same thing with a stencil. Get tutorial here

Give your cabinets a barnwood finish

By burning lines into the wood doors, this DIYer totally changed her kitchen. Get tutorial here