This $60 Craig's List find was just the thing

We wanted a bigger table, so when we found this on Craig's List, we were sold. We sanded it down, and painted the table. Get tutorial here

IKEA and eBay save the day

These 8 chairs were $25 a piece, a steal! The placemats and decorations are from IKEA. Chandelier and clock - $90 on eBay! Get tutorial here

Starting our pallet wall...

The room still felt like it needed something, so we got some free pallets and got started! Get tutorial here

Accent wall, finished!

We used a nail gun to nail woods into the studs in the wall, and we're loving our new accent wall! Get tutorial here

TA-DAA! Simple, bright & a modern, rustic mix

Our new dining room! I found a painting someone threw away and decided to hang it opposite the accent wall. Get tutorial here

Step 1: Empty the room & paint!

It took a few coats to get rid of the green, but look at the difference! Get tutorial here

Step 2: Chalk paint the buffet base

I love chalk paint - very little prep time, and the paint goes a long way. I prefer to thin it down a bit and apply an extra coat Get tutorial here

Step 3: Paint the doors & drawers

I did not want a solid color. White was the best color to offset the grey and give the cabinet a light, clean and airy feel. Get tutorial here

Step 4: Replace the hardware

Those doors were time consuming, but totally worth it! Look at that gorgeous two-toned look! Get tutorial here

Check out these girls, now!

I absolutely look complimentary fabrics and coloring. I'm loving how these chairs came out! Get tutorial here

Installing a brick accent wall

BEFORE: I was ready for a Farmhouse style change and I wanted something easy to install. Enter think brick veneer! Get tutorial here

Step 1: Attach brick to drywall

I used tile adhesive and let itset for 48 hours. I had to cut some of the bricks and used a wet tile saw. Get tutorial here

Step 2: Apply grout

After the adhesive was set I applied the grout in between the bricks with a grout bag. I smoothed with my fingers. Get tutorial here

BEFORE: Plain old IKEA cabinet

This piece was ready for a complete makeover! Get tutorial here

Step 1: Find some wood!

We picked up some free reclaimed wood... Get tutorial here

Step 3: Screw panels onto drawers

Using clamps and screws, we screwed the wood panels onto the front of the drawers. Get tutorial here

Step 4: Stain the wood panels

Stained the panels to perfection using the golden oak stain from Minwax. Get tutorial here

Wainscot Wall With a Picture Ledge

Here's another way how a quick DIY project can update your whole room! Get tutorial here

Step 2: Add trim

I also added two more vertical pieces ( 1X4s) in the middle, using my trusted level for everything. Get tutorial here

Step 3: Cut outs for outlets

Using a jig saw, I measured and cut holes for the outlet covers. Get tutorial here

Step 4: Paint!

Painting the panel before I added any vertical pieces made everything go so much quicker! Get tutorial here

Step 5: Add picture ledge

I decided to keep the ledge at 2 1/2" wide and it works perfectly. Get tutorial here

Step 1: Choose your wood

We chose and underlayment from Home Depot and had them cut it there on the spot. Totally worth it! Get tutorial here

Step 2: Nail the boards to the wall, & paint

Using a nail gun, we staggered the boards as we went, giving us a real shiplap look Get tutorial here

AFTER: Our gorgeous new shiplap wall

We are so thrilled with our new dining room! Bright and airy, with that special Joanna Gaines touch! Get tutorial here