Laundry "Closet" Update With Shower and Curtain Rods

by SS
This morning I had a great idea! OK, I'm sure someone thought of it before me, but I'm claiming it! You can call me "brilliant" -- I did!
I have a laundry "closet", not a laundry "room" and I'm always having to deal with a small over-the-door clothes hook to hang my dry or drip-dry items. I installed a shower curtain rod behind the folding doors (they still close) and attached tension rods on both side walls for cleaning rags, dirty towels, etc. to dry out before washing.
Next stop - hardware store for some S-hooks to hang up my mops, brooms, etc on those tension rods! Yay!!
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  • Debi53 Debi53 on Jul 24, 2015
    So smart. Great thinking.

  • Tina Hill Tina Hill on Jul 27, 2015
    i believe the company is Stanley and they make a bracket that screws into the wall to keep the shower bar from sliding down .... one end is completely round cup and the other is partly open ( that side up screw on so it is like a "U" )and the bar slides down into it ... that way heavy wet clothes don't weigh down your bar and make it fall