Asked on May 26, 2019

How can I create storage above the washer & dryer?

by Julie

Several years ago l bought front loading washer and dryer with pedestals. Now l have all this wasted space above them. They are located in a closet. Of course it is a deep area. Any ideas on how l can utilize this area? PS...l would not recommend frontload washers. Thank you, Julie

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  • Bandy360 Bandy360 on May 26, 2019

    My washer and dryer are top load, h/e. Above them I have installed a wire rack that is from a closet. It’s covered with PVC, white and I use it two ways at the same time. The shelf is used for my detergents etc, the wires that make up the shelf I use underneath to Hang up any delicates that need to air dry. I bought some plastic shower curtain rings to hook through the wire shelf and hang undies etc there. Stockings and ankle socks fit too!

    Hope this helps!

  • Dee Dee on May 26, 2019

    I know what you mean about front load washers, if I could do it all over again I would get a top loader. I went to Habitat for Humanity and got some cabinet doors and put up 2

    shelves f to match the size of the doors for storage.

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on May 26, 2019

    Hi Julie,

    We had to get a new front load h/e washer a couple of years ago too, small area in the closet. Dryer stacked on top, no storage pedastal. I agree, this is the pits in washers, but stuck with it until it expires.

    That deep pocket space above is kind of high up and pretry much unreachable, so we store rarely used items on a wire rack. Things like a plastic bag. We keep laundry products next to this set up in a shelves area next to it.

  • LINDA LINDA on May 26, 2019

    can you put up shelves above the appliances? Using it for storage?

  • Bushra Bushra on May 30, 2019

    Here is how we created a storage in our house, it might be helpful for you as well. There you go