1. Laundry Room Closet Design for Small Space

Hometalkers Vicki and Jennifer have made the most of the storage space in this small area, turning it into a laundry room closet that holds all that they might need. Shutter doors can be pulled across to hide the closet when not in use, while the shelving structure has been well designed. Sometimes, a small space just means there is more room for creativity.  Get tutorial here

2. Making the Laundry Room Closet Feel Bigger

Hometalker Kala Wiederholt has some tips if you want to make your humble closet feel like a much bigger laundry room. Paint with lively colors to make the space look grander, and install laundry room closet cabinets above appliances to optimize the space. You can then add some personal flourishes to the walls to create a more spacious feel. Get tutorial here

3. Modern Farmhouse Laundry Room Closet Ideas

Hometalker Jenn Marsh has some great laundry room closet ideas for those who enjoy a modern farmhouse theme. The baskets on the rustic wooden shelves complement the color scheme as storage that is both easy to organize and easy on the eye. The laundry room closet cabinet also contributes to the modern decor with its calm blue finish. Get tutorial here

4. Smart Laundry Room Closet Shelving Solution

Open shelving and laundry room closet rods are ideal for those who want easy access to their washing and cleaning items. In this case, two wooden stair treads have been repurposed as open shelves to create an attractive storage solution above the laundry room appliances. The lower shelf is deep enough to store several products at a comfortable height. Get tutorial here

5. A Bright and Rustic Laundry Room Makeover

Hometalker Woodshop Diaries has replaced the closet door with a curtain as part of a redesign of the room. This ensures that the laundry room closet perfectly fits into the room's theme and stands out from other cabinets. A cloth also covers the water heater, giving a strong presence of fabric in the room, which makes the room look bright and airy.  Get tutorial here

6. Laundry Room Closet Ideas for Tablecloths

This is a great example of how the appealing design of a tablecloth can be used in other situations, in this case as a curtain in a laundry room closet. This adds depth to the space, while its pattern contrasts well with the laundry room closet cabinets above. A rolling cart holds detergents and other products and can be wheeled around as needed.  Get tutorial here

7. Rustic Laundry Room Closet Storage Ideas

This may look like an exposed brick wall, but it is actually the result of peel and stick wall decor. This brick design brings a rustic, farmhouse feel to this laundry room closet. The room's design makes the most of storage space, with shelves, boxes, and hooks, all used to ensure the laundry room can hold everything that you might need when washing. Get tutorial here

8. Fresh Paint for Laundry Room Closet Cabinet

These laundry room closet cabinets used to be worn and dirty, with many bits of exposed wood showing through the existing paintwork. Hometalker GrandmasHouseDIY removed the cabinets from the wall, sanded them for a smooth finish, and added a fresh coat of paint. Finally, the addition of shiny hardware gave a new lease on life to these cabinets. Get tutorial here

9. Lovely Storage Ideas for Laundry Room Closet

This laundry room closet idea puts the "fun" in "functional". While everything serves a purpose, it does so in an attractive manner. Storage hooks, a wall-mounted basket, and a floating shelf ensure that all the laundry room essentials are easily accessed. There are also plenty of examples of how to give a personal touch to a laundry room. Get tutorial here

10. Painted Laundry Room Closet Cabinet

Hometalker Deborah Perrin has transformed an unfinished wooden cabinet into a handy storage space for laundry room products. Floor tiles have been attached to the top of the cabinet using Liquid Nails, to create an attractive but durable finish, while contact paper inside the draws and cupboard protect the interior from any spills and drips from laundry products.  Get tutorial here

11. Laundry Room with Broom Closet on Wheels

If you don't have a laundry room with broom closet already and you are worried about space restrictions, then why not consider roll-out storage? Hometalker Mani created a broom closet that fits snugly into an existing space in the laundry room, with its wheels making sure that it is easy to access the brooms when needed. Get tutorial here

12. Ideas for Laundry Room Closet Organization

Hometalker Jenna Burger Design has found an effective set of storage solutions for this laundry room closet. High shelves make the most of every inch of available wall space, while baskets keep things tidy. You can experiment with laundry room closet rod storage if you don't have access to new wire shelves, which work like a charm in this case.  Get tutorial here