My Tricky Kitchen Is No Match For These Organizing Hacks!

Hillela G.
by Hillela G.
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We recently moved into a new apartment. And though we are excited about it, it needs a lot of love and quite a few tweaks. If there is one thing I have learned from my fellow Hometalkers it is that nothing is impossible. There has to be creative alternatives to even the toughest of conundrums.
The first thing we noticed in the kitchen was lots of cabinet space! In our haste however, we somehow overlooked the big problem: most of the cabinets are really really really high up!! I am on the shorter side at 5”3 and my husband is not much taller. My sister and her 6”3 husband generously offered to help us organize but unless they moved in full time, we were going to have to figure out some long term solutions.
So far we have come up with a few and are still on the market for some more.
The first thing we did ( and by “we”, I mean a very handy and generous friend of ours- Josef) was to hang up a whole bunch of floating shelves, lower down that are easier to reach. My challenge is going to be to keep them really really neat because they are so exposed, but I am really excited to be able to reach my essentials.
Then, I found a bunch of old baskets and organized my disposable plates and silverware and napkins on top of the fridge ( before hand it was a jumbled up mess).
And the project that I am most proud of is a solution to the limited drawer space. I got a dollar store cookie cooling rack and bought about 24 “S hooks” from the hardware store (all this for less than 10$!!) and hung it on the wall.
I took a bunch of my utensils that had holes or loops or any available spots to hook over the “S hooks” and voila!!! Easy access and space saving!!!

It has been a challenging but fun journey so far, and I get the feeling that we are only just beginning. I’ll keep sharing as we keep Hometalking!
Suggested materials:
  • S Hooks   (Hardware store)
  • Cookie cooling rack   (Dollar store)
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  • J_k33290056 J_k33290056 on Nov 23, 2018

    Heavier utensils tend to bend the thin wire. Don’t the ‘s’ hooks come off every time you use one of the items? Perhaps a stainless peg board would look & function better & last forever. I would go nuts with those ‘s’ hooks clanging about my counter.

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  • Sue Sue on Mar 03, 2018

    I have a magnetic strip that I plan to use and for the spoons and other cooking tool with long handles I will put them in a small crock I have used for many years. So I don’t think I will use your idea. The picture shown looks like it is too loaded and would knock off other items trying to get one off.

  • Shay Johnson Shay Johnson on Jun 10, 2018

    the shelves are nice. baskets would be great on them.