Chalkpaint Laundry Room Redo

Kimberly Stice Allen
by Kimberly Stice Allen
I just spent the last month and a half gutting a ww2 era sad little laundry room was the last room to do..I'm a 51 year old female, haven't ever done anything like this before, but I can now check "redo old house" off my bucket list
Picking a paint decided NOT pink!!!
This room has been a catchall while I did thf
So I decided my paint colors...
Yellow blue and gray it is...Its all chalk painted...I used plaster of Paris to mix it, except the gray is a quart of rustoleum's new chalk paint in aged gray. I'm going to paint the other side of the door yellow with black trim.
Cool old door!!! I put tint on the window and recalled it...the curtain is burlap and thumbtacks and crooked!!!
An old rusty rake-2 spoiled collies live here!
Neat old board I found in an old barn
I tinted and caulked the single pane Windows. The curtain rod is courtesy of the rose of Sharon bush from the front yard and 2 nails I spray painted black
Old barn wood shelf. The hanging bar is an old broken shovel handle...that's my bucket of clothes pins and lost sock basket
Old rusted enamel pan I found laying in a pasture
I caulked all the wall seams and painted old boards as trim...
This wall was missing chunks!!! I used a quart of spackle. I couldn't tape anywhere because the room was only Sheetrock. I caulked my uneven paint edges and viola it looks like I'm a painting pro!!!
10 dollar rug from the dollar store and the room is complete for about $70.00

It is also pretty much the same temperature as the rest of the house...What do y'all think?
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