Cheapest DIY Curtain Rod Using PVC Pipe

by Sahana
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We recently moved to a new apartment. And the apartment has big windows in the bedrooms which bring a lot of lights. So obviously the windows need curtains. When I was looking for curtain rods and curtain options, it was overwhelming. I don't want to spend too much on curtain rods as we may move to another place anytime in near future. So, I came up with the DIY solution to solve this problem. I looked for many options like a wooden dowel, copper pipe and finally settled for PVC pipe due to few reasons, first easy handling, price and the length. The home depot I went did not carry long wooden dowel in the size I wanted. The copper pipes were too heavy and also it needed special tools for cutting. So, PVC was a perfect choice.When it came to hooks for holding the rods, I had an old belt which I cut into pieces and screwed to the wall. Let's see how.
Measure the window width and decide the length of the PVC pipe. Cut the pipe according to the desired length. For the bigger window, I used 7ft pipe which will be 3" inches bigger than the window width on each side. Then cut the belt loop to hold the PVC pipe. For the one inch pipe, you will need approx 2 pieces of 7.25" belt loop. Cut the belt using a utility knife.
Wrap the belt around the pipe and mark the point for making the hole.
Use an awl to make the hole in the belt loop. 
To know how I completed the remaining steps, click here.The total cost of PVC pipe, end caps and coupling is $14.47 for three windows. I already had the belt and drywall screws and anchor left over from the How to install pegboard and pegboard organizing ideas. So, the cost of curtain rod per window is $4.83 which I think is the cheapest. What say? 
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  • Raymond. A. Vanlanot Raymond. A. Vanlanot on Jun 10, 2017
    Just a small thing I noticed that could be easily fixed. The sag in the middle could be corrected with a simple hook bolt like you get to take the sag out of longer extension curtain rods. I recycle mine, but you can get them at any hardware or local big box do it place. You would just either have to drill a hole in the PVC or bend the the bolt. Other than that, bravo!

  • Sandra Sandra on Oct 27, 2018

    How do you make the pvc rod stick out enough that you can push curtains aside ?

    Doesn't the pipe have to be pushed out from the wall a little?

  • Kevin Kevin on Apr 13, 2021

    What can ya use for a finial?

    What could fit inside the pipe on each end?

    You did a GREAT job with your windows!


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